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Rules for the safe operation of cylindrical grinders

Apr 29, 2019


      1. Install new sand to smash the shovel, and use a soft shovel that is three-thirds smaller than the dry diameter of the sand, and beat it with a wooden hammer. If there is no sound, you can rob the machine. The operator is next to the machine. 10 minutes in the year, can be used after no bias and catastrophe.

      2, the machine tool should be clear, before the drive to check the handle, the hand dry and the travel limit position is flawless, in the desired position.

      3. When the sand shovel quickly approaches the workpiece, it is necessary to change the hand to smash the robbing, and double check the position of the sputum with or without the concave bulge.

      4. The sand is not completely in a static state. It is not allowed to clean the coolant, wear debris, replace the parts, etc.

5. The maximum extension of the plane sand dry shall not exceed 25mm, and the two sides of the sand shall be parallel.

      6. It is necessary to select the cutting fluid that stands in line with the material of the piece, and grind the elbow to reach the flow rate of the cooling and the cooling liquid.

      7. The sand is not sharp and must be repaired with diamond. The feed rate is 0.01--0.02mm/rev, and it must be fully cooled.

      8. The sand used in the grinding machine temple should not be used instead of ordinary sand.

9, grinding specifications

      (1) Sand drying speed カ 2--35 m / s.

      (2) The speed of sand drying at a speed of 16---1/100.

      (3) Sand dry correction and fine grinding feed rate カ 00---0.01, カ improve the surface lightness and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. After the feed is finished, it should be made without feed grinding (commonly known as non-spark grinding) 2 - 3 times.

10. Do not hit the handles of the various parts with a hammer or other metal rod.

11. The coolant is replaced regularly, and the coolant tank must be cleaned at the bottom of the tank. No residual liquid, other things, or slag. Cooling Beijing should be cleaned regularly at the end of the street.

12, sand dry before the installation of the virtual balance check.

13. After the operation, the sand will be retracted, the sand will be stopped, the pieces will be removed, and the power will be cut off.

14. Carefully clean the guide rails and sliding surfaces of the machine, clean the iron filings, grease, and debris.