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Safety Operating Regulations for CNC Lathes

Apr 29, 2019

First, the preparation work before work:

      1. Wear labor protection articles and cuffs before work.

2. Check the coolant, the state of the oil, and add or replace it in time.

      3. Check whether the mechanical parts of the machine are in good condition, whether the buttons can be automatically reset, whether the electrical control is normal, and whether the positions of the switches and handles are at the specified positions.

      4. The machine should be preheated before starting work. Each time it is turned on, it should be run at low speed for -5 minutes to check whether the operation of each part is normal. The machine should be turned on according to the principle of manual, jog and automatic. The principle of low speed, medium speed and high speed. -- After -3 minutes, when it is determined that there is no abnormal situation, you can start working.

      5. Check the blank size and shape for defects. Reasonable clamping, correct selection of turning tools, installation of parts and tools, to ensure accurate and reliable.

      6. Machining simulation or trial run must be carried out before machining, and the machining origin, tool parameters, machining parameters and motion trajectory should be strictly checked and adjusted. And the workpiece should be cleaned and the workpiece clamped firmly to avoid accidents caused by the workpiece flying out. After completing the clamping, take care to remove the wrench and other adjustment tools to avoid accidents after starting the machine.

      7. The protective door must be closed before the machine is started.

     Second, the precautions in the work process:

      1. Do not touch the tip and metal chips with your hands. Iron scraps must be cleaned with a hook or brush.

      2. It is forbidden to touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or by any other means.

      3. It is forbidden to measure and shift during the processing, and it is not allowed to wipe the workpiece with cotton yarn or cloth, nor can it clean the machine.

4. During the operation of the lathe, the operator must not leave the post. The foot should not be placed on the bed, the pallet, the bed, and the operation should be observed at any time. If there is abnormal sound, abnormal shape, transmission failure, etc., stop immediately and put the tool first. Exit and report to the Minister in a timely manner.

      5. Do not open the protective door during lathe processing.

      6. When the tool holder is feeding in the axial direction, it is strictly forbidden to cut off the power supply to avoid damage to the parts.

     Third, after the completion of the work:

      1. Turn off the power and mains power on the machine's control panel in sequence.

2, knives, measuring tools, sorting.

      3. Remove the iron rot, wipe the machine and keep the working environment clean.

    Fourth, other matters needing attention|

    1. When manually aligning the knife, the proper feed speed should be selected. The force frame should have a sufficient rotation distance from the workpiece so as not to collide. ;

   2. The tool must be replaced, the workpiece must be stopped when the workpiece is adjusted.

   3. After the tool is installed, it should be tested for 1- to 2 times.