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Safety Operating Regulations for Laser Welding Machines

Apr 29, 2019

First, the operation notes


1. Wear protective clothing such as work clothes and insulated shoes before work. Wear protective glasses, gloves, masks, and other supplies when working.

2. Never use the eyes to face the laser beam while the laser is working. The body should touch the laser beam to avoid injury.

3. If you need to check the machine, be sure to cut off the power supply, and make sure that the charge on the accumulator capacitor has been discharged before it can be done to avoid electric shock.

4. Internal circulating water - must be kept clean, otherwise, it will affect the output of the laser. The time for replacing the cooling water can be determined according to the boot time, water quality, etc., and generally, summer is shorter than winter.

Second, daily maintenance:

1. In order to ensure that the laser has been in normal working condition for 2 weeks after the continuous operation or for a period of time, the YGA rod, dielectric diaphragm and lens, lens, glass, and other components should be inspected before starting to ensure no dust and mildew. And other anomalies.

2. The purity of the cooling water should be checked once a week. The deionized water in the inner circulation should be replaced once a month. Pay attention to the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling water system. Once it becomes dark, replace the resin immediately.

3. At work - special laser protective glasses for 1.064mm wavelength are required.

4, laser adjustment - must be notified to the minister, special personnel to adjust, strictly in accordance with the instructions, non-operating personnel to adjust.