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Specification for the operation of the hot blast drying box

Apr 29, 2019


101A series blast drying oven has a maximum temperature of 300C. The working temperature of the drying oven can be from room temperature +5C to the highest humidity. The working temperature can be arbitrarily selected within this range. After selection, the temperature can be controlled by the automatic control system inside the box. set.

An electric blower is installed in the box. Promote indoor convection of hot air in the room to make the indoor temperature more uniform. After opening, the blast must be turned on to ensure that the heat is transferred out. If it is, the local high temperature will damage the equipment. When working, the top vent valve should be opened. The convection and exchange of hot and cold air that allows work to be wet.

The temperature control is automatically adjusted by a thermostat controller or a digital display instrument. The electric heater is installed in the studio and is divided into two groups: “plus 01” and “add 2”, and there are instructions to increase the work. The light is on to indicate that the heater is working, and the light is off to indicate that the illumination is stopped.