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The principle and maintenance method of vortex flowmeter

Feb 08, 2017

Vortex  flowmeter measurement principle Saturated steam flow measurement In the  1980s people generally use the standard orifice flowmeter, but the flow  meter development status, orifice flowmeter despite its long history,  wide range of applications; people of its research also The most complete, the most complete test data
  Vortex flowmeter using piezoelectric stress sensor, high reliability, can be -20 ℃ ~ +250 ℃ working temperature range. There are analog standard signals, but also digital pulse signal  output, easy to use with computer and other digital systems, is a more  advanced and ideal measuring instruments.
  The maintenance and use of vortex flowmeter
  1. Vortex flowmeter should be regularly cleaned vortex flowmeter  probe, the inspection has been found, individual probe detection hole  has been blocked by dirt, or even wrapped in plastic sheet, affecting  the normal measurement.
  2. Vortex flow meter regularly check the grounding and shielding, to eliminate external interference. Sometimes the problem is due to interference.
  3.  Vortex flowmeter Since the determination of the K coefficient is very  important in the whole part of the vortex, the accuracy of the K  coefficient directly affects the accuracy of the circuit, the  replacement of the parts and the wear of the process pipe, etc. Affect the K coefficient. And  many chemical plants and the lack of calibration means and ability, can  only send out the calibration, by the operation of the process, to  remove the vortex from the pipeline to send 5,6 days of calibration  time, the process is difficult to meet, and thus can not determine K coefficient. This  year, through the transformation of flow meters, although already have a  smaller caliber of the vortex calibration conditions, but for the  larger diameter vortex is still powerless, should pay attention to the  use of vortex on-site calibration method, the use of standard frequency  and portable ultrasound Flow meter, measured in the pipeline in the instantaneous flow and  the sensor pulse output frequency, field calculation K coefficient.
  4. Vortex flowmeter installation environment humid probe. Should be regularly dried once, or for moisture treatment. As the probe itself and the end of the moisture treatment, after the impact of running after the tide.
  5. Vortex flow meter instrument data management should be given enough attention to facilitate future work.