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Low pressure transmitter

Dec 24, 2018

Low pressure transmitter

Low pressure ranges are required to measure small pressure values, 

often between two locations,

where air is being moved from one place to another. 

Low range pressure measurement is required for monitoring and controlling ventilation,

and air extraction in office and factory buildings.

In building management applications, 

air movement in large spaces creates very small changes in air pressure, 

so it is necessary to use highly sensitive measurement devices,

which are set to read in inches of water column, mbar, hPa or Pascals.

Pressure transmitters are measurement devices,

which combine amplified 4 to 20 milliamp current loop output signal conditioning electronic module,

with a transducer for measuring the pressure of a liquid, vapour or gas.

Low pressure transmitter can be supplied in either Differential pressure, 

Gauge pressure or Absolute pressure. 

The DPS uses an inductive pressure sensor which enables pressures from as low as 0.1mbar through to 1 bar. 

The lower ranges also have a over pressure protection up to 2 bar and auto zero function. Optional LCD display.

low cost industrial sensor pressure sensor6

The Low Pressure series now extends pressure sensor technology,

into very low pressure applications, 

with operating ranges as low as 0-25mbar, 

and still with the same high level of performance customers have come to rely on from Ellison Sensors.

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The Low Pressure Transducer is a perfect solution to any application,

where a very accurate low pressure transducer is necessary. 

Using variable capacitance technology, 

the Series 672 is designed to measure pressures as low as 10 in w.c. up to 400 in w.c., very low ranges,

for a single connection pressure transducer. 

The 672 also features a 0.25% F.S. accuracy. 

Use the Series 672 in liquid level, flood warning, wastewater, clean room, and open channel flow applications.