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Three valve group and differential pressure transmitter are suitable for use

Jul 05, 2019

The three-valve is composed of three valves that communicate with each other. According to the role of each valve in the system can be divided into: high pressure valve on the left, low pressure valve on the right, and balance valve in the middle. The three-valve group is used together with the differential transmitter to turn on or off the positive and negative pressure measuring chambers and the pressure-pressing point; or to disconnect or conduct the positive and negative pressure measuring chambers.

The main role: in the installation and removal, the need to use the balance valve. Otherwise, the differential pressure range is generally small, if the manufacturer's overload capacity is not strong, it is easy to damage.

To give a simple example: if the differential pressure is 60KPa and the pipeline pressure is 1MPa, if there is no balancing valve, whether the positive pressure chamber or the negative pressure chamber is taken first, the differential pressure on both sides will immediately exceed the set value. That side will directly communicate with the atmosphere, equivalent to 0.1MPa, so the operation is fatal.

The three-valve group is suitable for the differential pressure transmitter. The three-valve group is composed of a high-pressure valve and a balance valve. It is suitable for use with a differential pressure transmitter. The function of the needle valve is to open or open the positive and negative measuring chambers and the pressure guiding point of the differential pressure transmitter, or to disconnect and conduct the positive and negative measuring chambers, and the pressure and pressure points are directly connected with the steel pipe. Connection, connection is welded.

The three-valve group is installed with the differential pressure transmitter, which is used to introduce the signal from the pressure point into the positive and negative measuring chamber of the transmitter, so that the pressure point and the measuring chamber are connected or disconnected, and the bolt and the transmitter can be directly used. connection.

Three-valve group material for liquid homogenization

Three valve group application steps

1. Close the positive and negative pressure valves, open the balancing valve, and close the drain valve. Steam logging to ensure adequate pressure on the condensate line.

2. Slowly flip the pressure valve so that the positive and negative sides of the diaphragm are compressed on average.

3. After the positive pressure valve, close the balancing valve.

4. The three valve group slowly opens the negative pressure valve. Stopwatch Step: To turn off the faucet, the balanced valve negative pressure must be turned on and off to open the drain valve vent.