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Turbine flowmeter maintenance should note the following

May 08, 2017

Turbine flowmeter maintenance should note the following:
1, when used, should keep the measured medium clean, free of fibers and particles and other impurities.
2, the turbine flow sensor in the beginning of use, the sensor should  be slowly filled with media, and then open the outlet valve (valve  should be installed in the back of the flow meter), the sensor is no  longer in the state of the medium by the impact of high-speed fluid.
3, turbine flow sensor maintenance cycle is generally six months. When handling cleaning, be careful not to damage the parts of the measuring chamber, especially the impeller. When assembling, please look at the position of the guide and the impeller.
4, the turbine flow sensor when not in use, should clean the internal  media, dry and after the sensor at both ends with a protective cover to  prevent dust into, and then placed in a dry place to save.
5, with the filter should be regularly cleaned, when not in use should  be cleaned of the internal media, with the same sensor, plus dust  cover, placed in a dry place to save.
6,  before the sensor is installed, use the mouth to blow or hand the  impeller, so that it quickly shows whether the display, when there is a  display when the sensor. If no display, should check the relevant parts, troubleshooting.