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Two typical faults of single flange liquid level transmitter

Apr 03, 2019

Two typical faults of single flange liquid level transmitter

The single-flange level transmitter is a high-performance measuring instrument, mainly for the application of industrial series of differential pressure and pressure measurement, with analog or digital output signals. Although it has many functions, if the maintenance is not affected in time after the failure, the fault check analysis of the single-flange liquid level transmitter is very important.

Typical fault analysis of single flange liquid level transmitter:

flange connection water level sensor_meitu_5

First, the single flange liquid level transmitter fluctuates greatly.

Installation location: carbon dioxide absorption tower.

Symptom: The liquid level display of the single flange level transmitter frequently fluctuates between zero and a relatively fixed value.

Hazard: It cannot be adjusted normally, and it is prone to cross gas and overpressure explosion.

Analysis of the cause of the failure: the packing of the lower equipment of the negative pressure flange is blocked by the liquid, causing the gas-liquid two phases or the solution space to be crowded frequently on the negative pressure side.

Handling: Unblock the blockage and find out the cause to prevent it from appearing again.

Second, the single-flange liquid level transmitter shows a high level and fluctuates in time.

Installation location: atmospheric pressure storage tank

Fault phenomenon: The initial display is normal after the meter is set, and a large error will occur when the liquid level changes. The hydrostatic surface shows fluctuations during the hour and minute.

Hazard: May cause spillage or empty cans resulting in waste or affecting production.

Analysis of the cause of the failure: 1. The pressure guiding tube (capillary tube) may leak. 2. The medium is too thick. 3, the tank exhaust is not smooth.

Analysis points: Single-flange liquid level transmitter is not likely to be blocked, focusing on the analysis of the single-flange liquid level transmitter itself and the nature of the medium, and considering the environmental impact.

Inspection and processing results: By analyzing the basic exclusion of equipment and media effects, it is judged that it is sensitive to temperature by the fluctuation of the liquid level scoring period, so that it may be that the canned pressure-conducting medium is abnormal and the capillary has a gap. The negative pressure flange was moved to the lower side for a period of time, which was improved, and it was judged that the negative pressure capillary had an air gap. Troubleshoot after removing the capillary.

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