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Under what circumstances do not choose turbine flowmeter?

Dec 15, 2016

Turbine flowmeter with a simple structure, lightweight, high  precision, good reproducibility, responsive, easy installation and  maintenance features, the new generation of flow meter flow meter in the  main types.

When  the measured fluid flow through the turbine flowmeter sensor, the role  of the fluid, the impeller under the force of rotation, the speed and  the average flow velocity is proportional to the same time, the blade  periodically cut electromagnets magnetic field lines, changing the  magnetic flux coil, According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, in the coil  will sense the pulse of the potential signal, the electrical pulse  signal, the electrical pulse signal frequency is proportional to the  measured fluid flow.

Turbine flow sensor and display instrument supporting the composition. Sensors with high precision, good repeatability, long life and simple operation and so on. Can  be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, paper and other  industries to measure the volume of liquid instantaneous volume and  volume. Turbine  flowmeter and some of the scene can not be applied to the situation:  with impurities and more fluid: such as circulating cooling water, river  water, sewage water, fuel, etc .; rapid changes in the flow of places,  such as boiler water supply system, air hammer air supply system ;  Measurement of liquid, the pipeline pressure is not high and the flow  is large, the instrument downstream pressure may be close to the  saturated vapor pressure, there is the risk of cavitation, such as  liquid ammonia from the high slot by bit free flow, Installation;  welding machine, motor, there are contacts near the relay, there are  serious places of electromagnetic interference; straight pipe length of a  serious shortage of upstream and downstream, such as the ship's cabin;  automatic boiler water supply system, such as pump and pump stop  frequently , Impeller impingement, the turbine flowmeter sensor quickly damaged; corrosive or abrasive media selection should be careful.