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Use of natural gas flow meter precautions

May 16, 2017

normal operation

After the test run is normal, you can put into normal operation.

In the operation process, the use of flow meter and maintenance, the operator should do the following aspects:

1. Regularly check and maintain the measurement system.

The operator checks the flowmeter, valves and piping systems.

The  operator of the equipment maintenance mainly in: a. Safety valve,  restrictor and alarm and other protective equipment; b. Flow display  instruments, recording devices, compensation devices and other flow  auxiliary equipment; c. Filters, getter and other ancillary equipment The

2. The operation of starting and closing the flowmeter must be carried out in the order of commissioning.

3. In normal operation, the operator should always pay attention to  the pressure of the measured medium, temperature, flow, viscosity and  other parameters; see if these parameters are not in line with the use  of flow meters.

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