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Vortex flowmeter measures compressed air

Mar 19, 2017

1. Vortex Flowmeter is properly installed

Proper installation of the sensor is to ensure accurate and reliable  measurement of the primary premise, if the installation site and the way  to choose the wrong light affect the measurement accuracy, the weight  will affect the life of the sensor, or even damage the sensor.

① ensure proper straight pipe
Installation  of the sensor, the general requirements of the upstream straight pipe  length 15-40DN, the downstream section length 5DN, according to the  appropriate upstream and downstream pipeline conditions to ensure the  measurement accuracy. The  sensor should also avoid the installation of sensors on very long  pipelines, so that after a long period of time, due to the sag of the  sensor can easily seal the gap between the sensor and the flange, if it  is necessary to install, must be in the sensor upstream and downstream  2D Respectively, set up a pipe support and other fastening devices.

② avoid strong vibration
The  sensor should be avoided in the installation of a strong vibration of  the pipeline, if forced to install, you must use vibration reduction  measures in the sensor upstream and downstream 2D were set up pipe  fastening device, and add shock pad. At the exit of the air compressor vibration is strong, can not install the sensor, should be installed in the gas tank after.

③ Select the appropriate installation method according to the measurement fluid
In  the case of high pressure air measurements, the sensor can be installed  on a horizontal or vertical pipe, but if the moisture content in the  high pressure air is high, the sensor should be installed at a higher  level in the horizontal installation and the gas flow in the vertical  installation From bottom to top. Regardless of the horizontal or vertical installation, the fluid flow must be consistent with the flow arrow on the sensor body.

Vortex flowmeter

④ requirements for the external environment

The  sensor should be installed in places where the temperature varies  greatly and the range of thermal radiation of the equipment. If it is  necessary to install, there should be insulation ventilation. In the humid, corrosive gas containing the environment installed, you must do a good job of moisture and isolation measures. In  addition, because the electrical noise will interfere with the correct  measurement of the sensor, so the installation location away from  high-power transformers, motors and other interference equipment.