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What is a single flange level gauge?

Jan 15, 2019

What is a single flange level gauge?

The single flange level gauge is also called a single flange level transmitter. It is a change in the flange and capillary on the basis of the differential pressure transmitter ( Know more about what is a pressure transmitter. ). A single flange level gauge is an on-site transmitter that is mounted directly on a pipe or vessel. Since the isolating diaphragm is directly in contact with the liquid medium, it is not necessary to take out the pressure guiding tube on the positive pressure side, so that the liquid level, pressure and density of the medium such as high temperature, high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy precipitation and strong corrosion can be measured, and then It is converted to a 4-20 mA.DC signal output.

single flange level gauge

The single flange level transmitter can measure the liquid level and density of various containers. It has two kinds of flat flanges and plug-in flanges. It is suitable for high viscosity medium or suspended liquid measurement. TN3851LT single flange liquid level transmitter mounting flange standard according to ANSI, flange has 3" and 4" specifications, flange grade is 150LB (2.5MPa) and 300LB (5.0MPa), flange mounting dimensions see below chart. If the user adopts the GB9116-88 standard, then DN=80, 100, PN=2MPa, please specify.

Because the isolating diaphragm is very thin, it is a weak link of corrosion resistance. Therefore, the liquid membrane material is 316L, Hastelloy C-276, Monel, bismuth, etc., which can be applied to the anti-corrosion requirements of different situations, according to the measured medium. The parameters such as concentration, humidity and pressure are suitable for the corrosion resistance reference table given in the appendix for reasonable selection. For applications with high corrosivity, an anti-corrosion structure transmitter can be selected.

The user can supply 3"150LB mounting flange and wetted diaphragm material 316L when not specified. The mounting flange standard of TN3851LT single flange liquid level transmitter is ANSI, flange has 3〃 and 4〃 specifications. The flange grade is divided into 150LB (2.5MPa) and 300LB (5.0MPa). The flange installation dimensions are shown in the following chart. If the user adopts GB9116-88 standard, please specify DN=80, 100, PN=2MPa. The sheet material is 316L, Hastelloy C-276, Monel, enamel, etc. The user can supply 3〃150LB mounting flange and wetted diaphragm material when not specified.

single flange level gauge

Single flange liquid level transmitter features:


1. Ionic silicone oil divergence and injection technology

2, 316 diaphragm, HC, titanium diaphragm, a variety of choices, to help the single flange liquid level transmitter achieve excellent cold and thermal stability

3, mature built-in metal capacitor sensor to ensure good consistency

4, advanced welding technology, to ensure high temperature and high pressure long-term stable work silicone oil does not leak

5, built-in digital temperature transmitter, formatted detection before leaving the factory, the temperature impact is extremely low

6, standard 4-20mA, with digital signal based on HART protocol, remote control

7. Support upgrades to fieldbus and field-based technology.

8, can be filled with food grade silicone oil to meet food standards (this requires special customization, the price is calculated)

single flange level gauge

Technical indicators:

Output signal: 4~20MA.DC two-wire system (analog)

The two-wire system 4 to 20 mA DC signal is superimposed on the digital signal, and the user selects the linear or square output. (intelligent)

Power supply: 12 ~ 45V.DC

Load characteristics:

Turndown ratio: 10:1 or 100 to 1

Power supply impact: <0.005% output range / V

Load impact: no load impact when the power supply is stable.

Measurement accuracy: 1.1%, ?.2 of the calibration range (standard accuracy is ?.2%, if you choose other precision, please specify when ordering.)

Damping: It can usually be adjusted between 0.1 and 16 seconds. When filling the inert liquid or with the remote device, the time constant will increase.

Start-up time: <2 seconds, no need to warm up

working environment:

Ambient temperature -29 ~ 93 ° C (analog amplifier)

-29 to 75 ° C (digital / smart amplifier)

-29 ~ 65 ° C (with display head)

Ambient humidity 0~95%

Protective features: protection IP65

Type of explosion protection: flameproof type Exd II BT4-6

Intrinsically Safe Exia II CT5

Static pressure effect: DP class zero

Error: for 14 MPa.