Capacitive Level Sensors Liquids


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Product namecapacitive Level Sensors Liquids
Measurement objectliquid level of water, oil, paste 
Measuring range 0 - 200m 
Output signal4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10mA 
Power supply voltage24VDC 
Temperature-20 to 80°C 
Index Tableuser select 
Materialdie-casting aluminum alloy shell, epoxy coating surface
Diaphragm316 stainless steel 

Product show:

Capacitive Level Sensors Liquids

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Product features:

1.High accuracy and great stability of this product;

2.Good measurement capability

3.This sensor is made of great and sturdy materials;

4.It is very durable and has long service life;

5.Simple design, small size and light weight;

6.Easy installation and maintenance.

Capacitive Level Sensors is widely used in chemical industrial.

Huaheng Instrument share:

Application And Improvement Of Capacitive Liquid Level Meter In Chemical Urea System

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