Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

​The magnetostrictive level transmitter is an extremely accurate measuring instrument that can perform continuous level and interface measurements and provide analog signal output for monitoring and control.

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The magnetostrictive level transmitter is an extremely accurate measuring instrument that can perform continuous level and interface measurements and provide analog signal output for monitoring and control.

The transmitter consists of three main parts. The outer tube part is a product material that is resistant to corrosion and resistant to industrial harsh environments. The heart of the transmitter is the most inner waveguide, which is made up of certain magnetostrictive materials. The electronic part of the transmitter produces a low current interrogation pulse that simultaneously produces a magnetic field that propagates down the waveguide. When the magnetic field intersects with the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets in the float on the waveguide, a strain pulse, or waveguide distortion, is generated. The strain pulse is returned along the waveguide and received by the electronics unit. By accurately measuring the time interval between the interrogation pulse and the return pulse, a high-precision, highly reproducible liquid level value can be obtained.

Magnetostrictive level transmitter

Structure and composition:

1. Adopt standardized design, the structure is extremely simple, consisting of only three parts:

2. 360 degree magnetic float;

3. Sensor (pressure magnetic sensor and sensing tube);    

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4. Plastic fully intelligent electronic device, intelligent programming, with liquid crystal display, can display the overall liquid level, interface liquid level, and electrical output of the temperature signal, the actual liquid level value, temperature value, with offset the actual liquid level value, etc. The device is very convenient for users to order spare parts and reduce the amount of spare parts.

Magnetostrictive level transmitter

The main technical parameters:

1. Digital signal output level sensor;

2. Oil level, water level, and one to five temperature data output;

3. Measurement range: 0.2~6m;

4, repeatability: better than 0.001% FS;

5. Non-linearity: 0.05% FS;

6. Resolution: 150μm;

7, output mode: Rs-485;

8, power supply: 15 ~ 30VDC;

9, explosion-proof grade: ExdIIBT5 ExiaIIAT5 ExiaIIBT5;

10, temperature coefficient: measuring rod: -40 ° C ~ 120 ° C; electronic warehouse: -20 ° C ~ 75 ° C;

11, working pressure: float: 3.2MPa;

12. Rod material: 0Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti.


Magnetostrictive level transmitters are used for liquid level industrial measurement and control of various liquid tanks such as petroleum, chemical raw material storage, industrial processes, biochemistry, medicine, food and beverage, tank management and underground storage of gas stations, dam water level, reservoir Water level monitoring and sewage treatment, etc.

Magnetostrictive level transmitter

The magnetospheric level is measured by a magnetostrictive level transmitter, and its advantages are as follows:

1. High reliability: Since the transmitter adopts the waveguide principle and has no mechanical movable parts, there is no friction and no wear. The whole converter is enclosed in a stainless steel tube and is non-contact with the measuring medium. The sensor works reliably and has a long service life.

2. High precision: Since it works with the waveguide pulse, the measured displacement is determined by measuring the time of the start pulse and the end pulse during operation, so the measurement accuracy is high and the resolution is better than 0.01% FS. It is an accuracy that is difficult to achieve with other sensors.

3. Good safety: The magnetostrictive level transmitter has high explosion-proof performance, intrinsically safe explosion-proof and safe to use, especially suitable for the measurement of chemical raw materials and flammable liquids. It is not necessary to open the can lid during the measurement to avoid the unsafeness of manual measurement.

4. It is easy to install and maintain: the transmitter is generally installed through the existing nozzle of the tank top, which is especially suitable for the installation of underground tanks and put-in tanks, and can be installed. The process does not affect normal production.

5. Facilitate the automation of the system: The secondary instrument of the transmitter adopts the standard output signal, which is convenient for the microcomputer to process the signal, easy to realize the networking work, and improve the automation degree of the whole measurement system.

Magnetostrictive level transmitter


1. High precision: 0.01% of full scale;

2. The calibration is extremely simple, no real standard, just press the button or use the HART protocol;

3. There is no need to re-verify for recalibration or forgetting the calibration value;

4. Using a double-chamber structure, electronic components and terminals are independent;

5. There will be no drift and error for the following parameter changes: dielectric constant change, gas phase composition change, temperature change, pressure change;

6, the measurement range is 23M;

7. Simultaneous measurement of overall liquid level and / or interface liquid level, as well as temperature output;

8. The minimum specific gravity difference of the interface measurement is 0.03g/cm3;

9. Pressure range: maximum 207Bar, the standard is 66Bar;

10. The temperature range is -196 ° C to 427 ° C;

11. Internally equipped with RFI/EMI filter;

12. It can replace the differential pressure type, capacitive type, ultrasonic type, radar type, external float type, nuclear type, steel belt or steel belt servo type liquid level transmitter.

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