2088TR Hydrostatic Submersible Level Transmitter

2088TR submersible level transmitters are known for their superior reliability, reasonable cost, and ready availability. They feature small size and integral signal conditioning; simplifying installation anywhere quality liquid level sensors are needed.

Product Details

2088TR Submersible level transmitter

The Model 2088TR is a low-cost hydrostatic level transmitter,

providing a quick, accurate and reliable level measurement.

Hydrostatic Pressure Level Measurement.

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Key Features of 2088TR Submersible level transmitter

• Low cost

• Easy to install and use

• Reverse polarity and surge protected

• Pressure range: 0-6 psi to 0-300 psi

• Operating temperature: 

Pressure Ranges up to 150 PSI  -25 to 60°C (-13 to 140°F)

Pressure Ranges Above 150 PSI -25 to 25°C (-13 to 77°F) 

Product Type

Fluid level sensor,

Hydrostatic transmitter,

Level Gauge, Level sensor,

Level transmitter, Liquid level sensor,

Tank level indicator, Water level sensor

The  submersible hydrostatic level transmitter is based on the principle,

that the measured hydrostatic pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid.

It is made of advanced isolated diffused silicon sensitive component,

or ceramic capacitive pressure sensitive sensor ( more Capacitive Pressure Transducer ),

which converts static pressure into an electrical signal.

Temperature compensation and linear correction,

a pressure sensor that converts a standard electrical signal (generally 4 to 20 mA / 1 to 5 VDC),

to measure the liquid level.

It can also be called a " static pressure level gauge,

a liquid level transmitter, Level sensor, water level sensor".

How do Submersible Level Transmitters Work?

The Model 2088TR  Submersible Level Transmitter,

indicates the level of liquid,

by continuously measuring hydrostatic pressure via its sensing element.

The 2088TR was designed for small bore applications, weighing only 8 oz. with an outside diameter of only 0.69 inches.

Once the sensor measures the pressure, the data is transmitted by a 4 to 20 mA two wire output signal.

This design provides for excellent linearity and repeatability,

low hysteresis and long term stability.

Product Applications of 2088TR submersible level transmitters

wastewater sludge pits,



Alum tanks,

Chemical storage tanks,

Oil tanks,

Lime slurry,



Hydrostatic submersed level transmitters are sensors,

with an electrical transmission output for indication of liquid level.

Bullet, cage, and flush tip models are available.

Applications include pumps, reservoirs, downhole, oil tanks, lime slurry, and water tanks.

There is a miniature submersible transmitter that is a low power voltage.

2088TR submersible level transmitters are known for their superior reliability,

reasonable cost, and ready availability.

They feature small size and integral signal conditioning;

simplifying installation anywhere quality liquid level sensors are needed.

Best of all, 2088TR level transducers provide the user,

with an infinite combination of level ranges,

several output options,

and custom cable lengths,

all with a standard delivery time of only 7 business days,

ensuring the perfect fit for new or existing installations and monitoring equipment.

They are frequently paired with a SCADA, PLC,

or compatible display/control system for use,

as a water level indicator or controller.

For more information on 2088TR submersible level transmitters,

or for assistance in choosing the best product for your project,

please contact our sales engineers.

Main technical indicators of 2088TR Submersible level transmitter:

Measuring range: 0.3 ~ 100m (selected by the user)

Accuracy: 0.2, 0.5, 1.0

Working temperature: -20 ~ 80 ° C

Output signal: 2-wire 4~20mADC

Power supply voltage: standard 24VDC (12 ~ 36VDC)

Insensitive zone: ≤±1.0%FS

Load capacity: 0-600Ω

Relative temperature: ≤85%

Protection level: IP68

Explosion-proof mark: ExiaIICT4-6

Submersible level transmittertechnical indicators of 2088TR Submersible level transmitter

You may be interested in what is pressure transmitter. 

The pressure probe and cable jacket of the straight-type liquid level transmitter,

are all stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) material,

and the insertion depth of the transmitter can be freely adjusted within ±20cm. 

The pressure probe of the cable level transmitter,

is made of stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) material,

the cable sheath is rubber and plastic,

and the special requirements are PTFE probe,

stainless steel or PTFE cable sheathing material.

Submersible level transmitter

Installation instructions for 2088TR Submersible input level transmitter

Installation instructions for 2088TR Submersible input level transmitter

1. When the 2088TR submersible level transmitters is installed in a stationary deep well or pool,

the steel pipe with an inner diameter of about 45 mm

(a few holes at different heights so that the water can smoothly enter the pipe)

is fixed in the water, and then the input liquid level is sent.

It can be used by placing it in a steel pipe.

2. When measuring the liquid level of a flowing or agitated liquid,

usually a steel pipe with an inner diameter of about 45 mm

(a few holes are formed at different heights on the opposite side of the liquid flow direction)

In order to allow water to pass into the pipe,

it is fixed in the water, and then the input level transmitter can be used in the steel pipe.

3. The installation direction of the transmitter is vertical,

and the input installation position should be away from the liquid inlet,

and outlet and the agitator.

4. In the occasion of large vibration,

the wire can be wound on the transmitter,

and the steel wire can be used to absorb the cable.

Precautions for use of 2088TR submersible level transmitters

1. If an abnormality is found during use,

turn off the power, stop using it, check it,

or contact the technical department.

2. When connecting the power supply,

it should be strictly in accordance with Huai'an Huaheng.

3. When the liquid level transmitter is transported and stored,

it should be restored to the original packaging and stored in a cool,

dry and ventilated warehouse.

The liquid level meter is a kind of instrument commonly used in the automation industry.

It can work under high temperature,

high pressure, strong corrosion and crystallization environment,

and it can prevent clogging, anti-freezing,

and can also measure solid powdery and granular materials.

Let's take a look at several commonly used level gauges.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Capacitive Level Sensors Liquids

Ultrasonic Solid State Liquid Level Switch

SMT3151TLT Flange Direct-Mounted Level (Pressure) Transmitter

SMT3151WTLT External Thread Liquid Level (Pressure) Transmitter

SMT3151FTLT Flange Threaded Liquid Level (Pressure) Transmitter

Ultrasonic Sensor For Detecting Water Level

Differential Pressure Transmitter For Level Control

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