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20 MPa G Range 4-20mA Output High Pressure Sensor And Plug-on Display For Hydraulic Control Use

Jul 23, 2019

20 MPa g range 4-20mA output high-pressure sensor and plug-on display for hydraulic control use

A high-pressure sensor and plug-on display for hydraulic control use to measure the pressure of mineral hydraulic oil over a range of 0 to 20 MPa g from the G1/8 male process connection, and sending the corresponding 4-20mA current loop signal through the DIN plug connector electrical connection.

This high-pressure sensor can be used in hydraulic control systems to measure mineral hydraulic oil pressure from 0 to 20 megapascals gauge.

The sensor is installed using a G1/8 male thread to measure the mineral hydraulic oil, and the 4 to 20 milliamps current loop signal output is connected to signal monitoring instrumentation using the DIN plug connector.

Also, a plug-on local digital display readout is included with this high-pressure sensor to meet the requirements of measuring mineral hydraulic oil pressure in hydraulic control applications.

20 MPa g range 4-20mA output high pressure sensor and plug-on display for hydraulic control use

IMP High-Pressure Sensor

  • SKU ID: s1-imp-91-19691

  • Pressure Range: 0 – 20

  • Units: MPa

  • Pressure Reference: Gauge (G)

  • Output Signal: 4 – 20mA, 2-wire (5)

  • Non-Linearity and Hysteresis: 0.25% FS (standard) (A)

  • Thermal Zero Shift: 0.04% FS per °C (standard) (4)

  • Thermal Span Shift: 0.015% FS per °C

  • Electrical Connection: Large DIN plug (standard) (B)

  • Process Connection: 1/8 BSP male (M)

  • Media Exposed Seals: Viton (standard)(V)

  • Special Requirements: Standard (000)

PA430 Plug-On Display

  • SKU ID: s1-pa430-0001

  • Part No: 850-1-0-100-100-0-1-000

  • Electrical Connection (Output / Input): DIN43650A plug IP65 / DIN43650A plug IP65

  • Output Signal: 4-20mA (2 wire)

  • Switch Output: None

  • Units Label: Fitted by user