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Tian Gaolin, Team Of Huaheng Instrument Experts

Nov 27, 2018

Tian Gaolin, Team of Huaheng Instrument Experts

Tian Gaolin, Team of Huaheng Instrument Experts

He has served as a member of the Sensitive Technology Branch of the China Electronics Society, the first vice president of the Sensitive Components and Sensors Branch of the China Electronic Components Industry Association, a member of the Sensitive Components and Sensors Expert Committee, and the Director of the Limin Professional Committee. He is also the Sensor Professional Association of the China Instrument and Instrument Industry Association. Director of the Board of Directors and Force Sensitive Sensors. In 2001, he was a senior researcher at the Institute of Enterprise Management Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences. He was also appointed as a member of the editorial committees of Sensors and Microsystems and Instrumentation Technology and Sensors. He participated in related majors. · Review of five national key scientific and technological projects.


Invented the patent of "Capacitor Matching Instrument", Patent No.: 872, 148.3.5. The products developed include: DDZ-III type pressure/differential pressure transmitter. The product passed the national appraisal and was put into production in Fangshan, Beijing in 1987. National Mission D107HE D108 anti-sulfur transmitter and DBV-01 capacitive position transmitter, D109 capacitive differential pressure transmitter and other products.


Since 1979, he has been responsible for the introduction of the 1151 series of capacitive pressure/differential pressure transmitters from Rosemount, USA. After the introduction, the product became the pillar product of Xiyi, and was listed as a substitute for imported products by the national electromechanical industry. The new products developed on the basis of imported technology are: S series transmitters; 1151SF series intelligent transmitters; 1151 explosion-proof transmitters and 1151H marine transmitters listed as national key new products. These products have won the "First Prize of Science and Technology New Products of Shaanxi Province", "First Prize of Digestion and Absorption of Technology Imported by Shaanxi Province", and the "Excellent Achievement Award for Introducing Technology Transformation Existing Enterprise" and "Excellent Achievement Award for Technology Development" issued by the State Economic Commission. The "Golden Arrow Outstanding Achievement Award" issued by the State Science and Technology Commission. As the founder of the “Three-stage Management Method for Introducing Foreign Production Line Technology and Equipment”, he won the second China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement Award in 1994. The award belongs to the first prize of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, and the above results have made Xiyi remarkable. The economic benefits have created conditions for Xiyi to receive the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the May 1st Labor Award. At the same time, it has provided advanced technical equipment and services for the national economy departments such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and power stations. Achieved good social benefits.


During the period of the September 5th period, he completed six national key scientific and technological projects: sensor technology research project-small high-precision capacitive differential pressure sensor; national major technical equipment coalification system large-scale industrial automation equipment project-Intelligent pressure differential pressure Transmitter; national industrial automation instrumentation fieldbus project - HART protocol smart transmitter, FF protocol smart transmitter, HART protocol handheld terminal and HART protocol desktop terminal.