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26G Radar Level Meter Advantages

Aug 27, 2019

With the continuous improvement of China's industrial development level, it has promoted the rapid development of the instrument industry. Among them, radar level meters are more and more widely used as the most commonly used measuring instruments. Intelligent radar level meters are often used for accurate measurement of contaminated and corrosive media due to their non-contact measurement characteristics, mainly for chemical, petrochemical, chemical fiber, food industry and general industrial applications. This article will introduce the six characteristics of the radar level gauge.

1. Continuous & accurate measurement

Due to the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, it is not affected by the environment. Therefore, the application of the measurement is relatively wide. The probe of the radar level meter has no contact with the surface of the media and is a non-contact measurement that can accurately and quickly measure different media. The probe is almost immune to temperature, pressure, gas, etc. (only 0.018% at 500 °C and 0.8% at 50 bar).

2. High work stability

Interference echoes caused by joints in the beam range and interference echoes caused by noise of the feed or discharge can be automatically suppressed by internal fuzzy logic control. Effectively improve the stability of instrument operation.

3. Safe, save energy

The radar level meter can be measured under vacuum and under pressure, and it is accurate, safe and reliable. It can be used in a variety of situations without any restrictions. Radar level meter are chemically and mechanically stable, and the materials can be recycled for environmental protection.

4. No maintenance and high reliability

The microwave is almost undisturbed and does not directly contact the measuring medium. It can be used in almost any application, such as vacuum measurement, liquid level measurement or level measurement. Due to the use of advanced materials, it is extremely durable in chemical and physical conditions. It can provide accurate and reliable long-term stable analog or digital level signals.

5. Easy to maintain, easy to operate

The radar level meter has a fault alarm and self-diagnosis function. According to the error code prompted by the operation display module, the fault is analyzed, and the fault is eliminated in time to make the maintenance correction more convenient and accurate, and the normal operation of the instrument is guaranteed.

6. Wide range of applications, almost all media can be measured

From the shape of the tank body, the radar level meter can measure the liquid level of the spherical tank, the horizontal tank, the cylindrical tank, the cylindrical vertebral can, etc.; from the tank function, the tank and the buffer tank can be The liquid level in the microwave tube and the bypass tube is measured; from the measured medium, the liquid, the particles, the slurry, etc. can be measured.

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