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Adjustment Method Of Over-tolerance Of Indicating Value Of Precision Pressure Gauge

Mar 11, 2019

  Precision pressure gauges are widely used in industry.The accuracy of their indication in actual verification affects the production,safety and product quality of factories.So how to adjust the precision pressure gauge when the display error occurs?Now let's learn together.

  1.When we verify,there will be the same overshoot value of each verification point.In view of this situation,we can overcome this problem by re-installing the pointer at the first checkpoint except zero and re-calibrating the display value after boosting.

  2.The calibration time difference appears as linear error.When the error increases gradually,the indication adjusting screw is moved outward to increase arm length;on the contrary,it is moved inward to reduce arm length.

  3.Indicating value overshoot is faster(positive error)than slower(negative error).The main reason for this error is that the actual pressure of the spring tube is not enough or the installation position of the sector gear and the central gear is not right.In order to solve this problem,we should rotate the machine core counter-clockwise to enlarge the angle between the tie rod and the sector gear;on the contrary,we should rotate the machine core clockwise to reduce the angle.After adjustment.The error is linear,and then the indication adjustment screw can be moved.

  4.The indication value exceeds half of the pressure indication value.The processing method is that when we boost the pressure,we can reinstall the pointer in the middle position.If the error can not be eliminated,we should adjust the angle between the pull rod and the sector gear,and make comprehensive adjustment.

  5.Sometimes the indication will be out of tolerance at only one or two points.At this time,we should check the matching condition of the machine core near this point.When the difference is positive,there are dirt and burrs in the meshing part of the gear;when the difference is negative,the teeth are worn and damaged,and should be repaired or replaced.

  6.When we adjust a precision pressure gauge many times,but the back-and-forth difference is still too bad,and the pointer does not return to zero,it may be the spring tube deformation,at this time we need to contact the manufacturer to replace the new precision pressure gauge.