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Advantages Of Absolute Pressure Water Level Sensor

Jul 18, 2019

The advantage of absolute pressure water level sensor is that it is more accurate than gauge level sensor. In fact, according to different definitions of two sensors, we can distinguish the difference. Absolute pressure (absolute pressure) refers to all the pressure in the space where the medium is located. Gauge pressure (relative pressure) means that if the difference between absolute pressure and atmospheric pressure is a positive value, then this positive value is the gauge pressure. Therefore, different working principles determine different USES. The absolute pressure gauge, also known as the static pressure gauge, can be put into the medium or installed at the bottom of the side of a container to measure water level with the pressure of water column.


When absolute pressure water level sensor is used to measure water level, the height pressure of water level in pool ACTS on the measuring surface of water level sensor, and the atmospheric pressure also ACTS on the measuring surface of water level sensor. Therefore, when the height of water level remains unchanged and the atmospheric pressure changes, the pressure acting on the detection surface of water level sensor also changes, which introduces the measurement error. In fact, the atmospheric pressure change is very small, and the error introduced is small, even negligible. But if it is to measure water level in a closed container, and water level in the container needs to raise the pressure to send out the water, or lower the pressure to fill the water, then the static pressure equivalent to atmospheric pressure in the container will have a great change, then the measured water level must have a big error, can make the water level detection failure. In order to solve this problem, now the submersible water level measurement, which is based on the principle of absolute pressure as standard, through detection of atmosphere is the pressure on positive pressur e side minus the pressure on the negative pressure side, the difference is the detection result.When there is a change in atmospheric pressure, the pressure is respectively acted on the two detection surfaces of water level sensor, because the size is equal, it becomes a common mode signal, after the difference value is eliminated, the water level value of the pool is obtained.


These are advantages of absolute pressure water level sensor, which is why I recommend it.