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Bimetal Thermometer And Temperature Gauge Suppliers

Jul 22, 2019

Bimetal thermometer and temperature gauge suppliers

Bimetal thermometer specification :


The scale ranges from :-70 ... +600 °C 

All stainless steel construction 

Individual stem length from  63 ... 1,000 mm

Nominal size in mm:
63, 100, 160 

Insertion length L1
63 ... 1,000 mm  minimum/maximum length is dependent on the measuring range and diameter 

Permissible operating pressure at the stem
max. 25 bar, static 


Ingress protection : IP 65 per EN 60529 


Basic information :

Integration of bimetallic thermometer is the thermal resistance and thermocouple signal remote transmission function and the combination of bimetallic thermometer indicator for in situ, it can meet the demand of field temperature,

Bimetal thermometer

Bimetal thermometer

Bimetal thermometer