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China Will Become Emerson's Second Largest Market

Dec 08, 2016

China will become Emerson's second largest market

"In  China, we will focus on automation and high-end manufacturing,  including the healthcare industry and other promising manufacturing  sectors, which will be a significant part of China's long-term growth,"  said Emerson's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Fan Dawei. power."

Mr. Fan Dawei cited Emerson has a good momentum of development of the four major business sectors. The first is the commercial and residential solutions business.  Emerson's business in the Chinese market includes helping commercial and  residential heating and cooling system manufacturers, food and retail  operators, commercial and residential builders to deliver solutions that  enhance energy efficiency.

"Our vortex heat pump technology can replace traditional gas-fired hot  water boilers to make heating more efficient and cleaner, and the  technology has received government support," says Mr. Fan Dawei.

Emerson is also concerned about another major business is the cold chain refrigeration industry. Emerson is committed to helping food processing, distribution and retailers ensure food quality and reduce food waste. The third is the pharmaceutical industry. Emerson  is providing Chinese pharmaceutical companies with control systems and  automated production equipment to help them grow. The last one is the new energy power generation and electricity market.

"At present, all countries in the world have increased investment in  energy conservation, sustainable development and environmental  issues.Emerson also re-allocation of resources, increased investment in  these areas of industry."

2016 fiscal year, Emerson's global sales of 20.2 billion US dollars  (including the operation has been discontinued operations), the  proportion of sales in China basically the same as in 2015, accounting  for about 10% of global sales.

"We've been in China for 35 years, and there are ups and downs in  sales sometimes, but on the whole, we are optimistic about the Chinese  economy."

Since 2002, China has become Emerson's second-largest market after the United States.

"We currently plan to invest approximately US $ 30 million in China to  strengthen our manufacturing capabilities, upgrade our automation  product lines and adapt to future growth.

In August of this year, Emerson to 3.15 billion US dollars in cash to  buy Pentair's valves and control business, to further promote their own  industrial automation business.

Pentair's valves and controls business is headquartered in  Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and its products are widely used in chemical,  petrochemical, oil and gas, power, mining and other process industries.

Mr.  Fan Dawei pointed out that the expansion of Pentair business will be  one of the main objectives of the company in the Chinese market. "We are committed to helping Pentair transform the business, so that it can better serve China 's local economy.