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Differential Pressure Gauge For Filters

Jul 26, 2019

Differential Pressure Gauge for Filters

Differential pressure gauges such as the Sensocon S2000, are used in a variety of applications across many industries.  One such application is the monitoring of differential pressure across a filter.  As air flows through a filter, dust and particulates accumulate on that filter.  This accumulation causes pressure to build up within an HVAC unit or duct.  The build up of pressure can cause fans within the unit to work harder, increasing the wear and tear on the unit as well as increasing the amount of energy needed to keep the fans running properly.


Quite often in this situation, it is cheaper for the filter to be replaced than to pay for the additional energy needed to keep the fans running properly.  With the use of a differential pressure gauge, pressure can be monitored across the filter and help indicate when it’s ideal to replace the filter.  By exposing the higher pressured side of the filter to the high port of the gauge and the lower pressured side of the filter to the low port of the gauge, the gauge will indicate the difference in the pressures being measured.  Once the gauge reads passed the desired threshold for the pressure difference, it will indicate to the user that the filter should be replaced.


Sensocon offers features for the Series S2000 to provide better visual indication for the user to know when a filter needs to be replaced.  With the use of an Adjustable Signal Flag (ASF), the flag can be adjusted to mark the pressure at which the filter should be changed.  For OEM’s, setting up a custom scale is another common approach to showing when the filter needs changed.  With a portion of the range in green and another portion in red, the scale can clearly communicate whether the filter is in good condition or should be changed.


Differential pressure gauges like the Series S2000 are just some of the many products Sensocon has to offer for measuring differential pressure.  You can learn more about the Series S2000 here.  To see all of the quality products Sensocon has to offer, visit us at https://www.china-transmitters.com/