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Differential Pressure Measurement – Types Of Instruments

Jul 26, 2019

Differential pressure is used in a variety of applications across many different industries. With the help of products like differential pressure gauges, controllers, and transmitters, there are a number of options that help with differential pressure measurement.

Differential Pressure Gauge


One of the most common ways to measure differential pressure is with a mechanical gauge like Sensocon’s Series S2000 or Series S-5000 gauge. With the proper setup, these differential pressure gauges can measure differential pressure, positive pressure, or negative pressure. These gauges are typically quick to install and provide a simple way of reading pressure by use of a needle moving along a scale to indicate the pressure being measured.

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge


Another popular way of measuring pressure is with the use of a digital differential pressure gauge or controller. Typically these gauges and controllers provide an easy to read digital display to indicate the pressure. They often have additional benefits and features like Sensocon’s Series A4 which can provide a process arch and additional menu display, SPDT relays for triggering alarms, and a 4-20mA output to transmit the current pressure readings to a receiver. Even more basic models like the Series A1 allow for zeroing and spanning as well as the ability to switch between different units of measurement like inches of water columns, millimeters of water columns, and pascals.

Differential pressure transmitter

Differential Pressure Transmitters

For applications that don’t require on-sight visual status indications, differential pressure transmitters are a good way to go. These transmitters are typically compact and easy to install, allowing them to be placed pretty much anywhere differential pressure is needed to be measured. Like the Series DPT, these transmitters most commonly output a 4-20mA or 0-10V signal that can be transmitted to a central location where the pressures can be monitored and the data can be stored.

An additional option Sensocon does not yet offer is measuring differential pressure with the use of wireless differential pressure sensors. These sensors are used to send packets of data to a gateway which then forwards the data to the cloud where it can be viewed with a graphical user interface. These interfaces allow the user to get updated information as to the status of the pressure and can track the data over a prolonged period of time. Some of these interfaces allow for alerts to be sent either through email or SMS to alert a user should the status of the pressure fall within predefined set points.