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Differential Pressure Transmitter Can Be Used In What Occasions

Dec 04, 2018


Differential pressure transmitter can be used in what occasions


Differential pressure transmitter can be used in what occasions

1.Use with throttling device to measure flow.Install throttling device in conduit above all, when fluid passes, cause difference pressure before and after its, and difference pressure and discharge have certain concern, use difference pressure transmitter to measure travel pressure, also got the measurement value of discharge.

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2.Measure the pressure difference between two points.For example, the pressure difference between two points in tower equipment, pipeline or resistance loss between two points.

3. The differential pressure transmitter can also be used to measure the interface of the liquid after proper calculation.

4. Measure the weight of the liquid. When the liquid level height H is constant, the difference pressure transmitter is used to measure the difference pressure AP, and then the liquid's gravity T can be obtained, i.e. 

5.When there is no special pressure or vacuum instrument, under certain conditions, the differential pressure transmitter can be used to measure the pressure (negative pressure through the atmosphere) and measure the vacuum degree (positive pressure through the atmosphere).


6.After the addition of appropriate auxiliary devices, the rising height of equipment or components can be measured, such as the rising height of gas cabinet bell jar.


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