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Disassembly And Maintenance Of Flowmeter Operating Procedures

Jun 27, 2017

Disassembly and maintenance of flowmeter operating procedures

First, the maintenance flow meter operating procedures:

Close  the entrance gate → close the exit gate → vent flow meter internal  pressure → split flow meter core → check the flowmeter chamber with or  without debris → check the core rotation → clean the flowmeter chamber →  install the core, try to rotate → open Outlet valve → open  the inlet valve → observe the flowmeter speed, until the normal  operation → clean up the tool, clean up the scene.

Second, the maintenance flow meter risk tips:

1,  electric shock: personnel after the electric shock, immediately shut  down the relevant power supply or the injured from the power supply, and  then the ambulance for the injured, serious to the hospital

2,  mechanical damage: the occurrence of mechanical injury, immediately to  the injured from the source of injury, emergency wraps sent to the  infirmary treatment.

3, disassembly Note: In the  maintenance flow meter disassembly process, do not force too much to  avoid wrench slip caused by mechanical damage, disassembly flowmeter  core, to gently, so as not to clamp hand.