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Don't Blow It ! What Is The Real Strength Of The Instrumentation Industry In China?

Jan 21, 2019

Don't blow it ! What is the real strength of the instrumentation industry in China?

On January 8, China held a National Science and Technology Awards Conference in Beijing, and commended the scientific and technological workers who made outstanding contributions to the development of science and technology in China. According to statistics, a total of 278 projects and 7 scientific and technical experts were awarded at the National Science and Technology Awards in 2018.

What is the real strength of the instrumentation industry in China?

The National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held to demonstrate the country's emphasis on science and technology research and development. As an industry closely related to people's life and industrial manufacturing, the instrumentation industry is also very important in the research and development of advanced technologies. Especially in the face of the lack of core technologies in the domestic instrumentation industry, it is particularly important to strengthen research and development.


At the Science and Technology Awards Conference held this time, many instrumentation projects based on profound theoretical foundation and long-term experimental experience were successfully awarded. For example, key technology research projects for major changes in temperature units, key technologies and applications for marine surveying and mapping of inland waters monitoring satellites, hyperspectral remote sensing information mechanisms and multidisciplinary applications.


These projects have broken through the imprisonment of existing technologies and have greatly improved the level of technology. Taking the key technology research project of the major unit of temperature unit that won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award as an example, the project broke through the technical bottleneck of redefining the necessary conditions, realized the primary temperature measurement of absolute temperature, and proposed the fixed-stage cylindrical acoustic level. Two unique methods of temperature measurement and quantum noise primary temperature measurement have achieved innovative upgrades in measurement methods and technologies.


In addition to the award-winning instrumentation project, the instrumentation industry is also strengthening the monitoring of environmental quality through the continuous research and development in the field of blue sky and clear water warfare in the country, which will help improve the quality of China's ecological environment.


In the field of atmospheric environment monitoring, in 2018, China successfully passed the acceptance of the multi-band multi-atmospheric active-passive integrated detection system project, which has made China a big step in the field of atmospheric exploration research. At the technical level, China has already had an integrated system. Integration capabilities and autonomous monitoring capabilities of the atmospheric space environment.


In the field of water quality testing equipment, the development project of water quality heavy metal online detector based on X-ray fluorescence spectrum undertaken by Maanshan City Haotai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. has also successfully concluded. This test instrument can be widely applied to the on-line monitoring of the water quality of industrial enterprises' wastewater discharge ports and heavy metals in water bodies such as rivers and lakes to prevent the occurrence of heavy metal pollution.


In addition to the field of environmental monitoring, in the field of scientific research instruments, the multi-band pulse single-spin magnetic resonance spectrometer developed by the University of Science and Technology of China has realized the detection of single-nuclear spin quantum states, which can directly measure single-element units at the atomic scale. Composition. In the field of detection instruments, on the Chang'e II, which has successfully landed on the moon in China, most of them are domestically produced spectrum instruments and spectroscopic instruments.


Although the instrumentation industry has a wide range of applications throughout the entire process of industrial production, the lack of core technical problems has been criticized. But combined with the above, we can clearly see the tremendous progress and achievements made in the instrumentation industry, which is quite different from the impression left by the domestic instrumentation industry.


Quantitative to qualitative change requires a long process, as is the rapidly evolving instrumentation industry. Nowadays, more and more domestic instruments and meters are being recognized, going abroad and making a name for themselves overseas. For instrumentation companies, we must strengthen our confidence and intensify research and development to help build China's manufacturing powers.


However, it should be noted that technology research and development is not easy. At the Science and Technology Conference held this time, the three major awards for the Natural Science Award, the Technical Invention Award, and the Science and Technology Progress Award were 11 years from the establishment of the project to the publication or application of the results. Nearly 10% of the projects have gone through more than 20 years. Research and accumulation. Therefore, while building confidence in the instrumentation industry, we must be more convinced, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, in order to achieve greater breakthroughs in the industry.