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Double Flange Liquid Level Transmitter

Jun 26, 2019

Differential pressure transmitter is to measure the transmitter pressure difference between the two ends of the transmitter, the standard output signal (such as 4 ~ 20mA, 1 ~ 5V). Differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter is different from the general that they have two pressure interfaces, differential pressure transmitter is generally divided into positive and negative pressure end, under normal circumstances, the differential pressure transmitter positive pressure End of the pressure should be greater than the negative pressure to measure.

Product Name: Double flange liquid level transmitter

Model: 3151DP

3851DP remote device with differential pressure transmitter is my company to introduce advanced foreign technology and equipment, a new type of transmitter, the key raw materials, components and parts are derived from imports, the whole rigorously assembled and tested, the Products with advanced design principles, complete variety specifications, easy to install and so on.

As the appearance of the aircraft fully integrated currently the most popular and widely used two transmitters (Rosemount 3051 and Yokogawa EJA) structural advantages, allowing users to have a fresh look, while with the traditional 1151 , CECC series of products can be directly replaced in the installation, there is a strong versatility and alternative capabilities. In order to meet the continuous improvement and development of automation in China, this series of products not only offers compact design, but also intelligent functions with HART fieldbus protocol.

The main purpose

The 3851DP Dual Flange Level Transmitter is a pressure sensor assembly used to prevent media in the tubing from directly entering the transmitter, which is connected to the transmitter by a fluid-filled capillary. Used to measure the liquid, gas or steam level, flow and pressure, and then convert it into 4 ~ 20mA DC signal output.

Level Transmitter

Level Transmitter

Remote device form

1, flat remote device;

2, threaded mounting remote device;

3, flange mounted remote device;

4, into the cartridge remote device

advantage analysis

Simple structure: no moving or flexible components, so stay-high, minimal maintenance.

Easy to install: The built-in structure, in particular, shows this feature without any special tools.

Easy adjustment: zero, range two potentiometers can be zero within the effective range of liquid level detection or range changes, two adjustments do not affect each other.

Wide range of uses; Suitable for high temperature and pressure, high corrosion and other media level measurement.

Main Specifications

Effective detection range: 0-0.2-20m

Accuracy: 0.5, 1, 1.5

Pressure range: negative pressure, atmospheric pressure, high pressure (32MPa below)

Operating temperature: -50 ~ 240 ℃

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 75 ℃

Applicable medium: acid, alkali, salt or PTFE-free medium of any corrosion

Output signal: 4-20mA, two-wire system

Power supply: Load resistance 0-750Ω DC24V

Fixing method: Thread mounting M20 × 1.5, M27 × 2 flange installation DN15, DN25, DN50, DN80.

On-site display: Analog display 0-100%, digital display, on-site depth