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Downstream Development Of Instrumentation Industry

Dec 01, 2016

Downstream  instrumentation industry wide range of applications, covering the  metallurgical, nonferrous metals, chemicals, electricity, oil and many  other industries. These industries are also in the recent accelerated development.

Smart  grid, for example, in the future awareness of sustainable development  of energy-driven, smart grid to become the world's competing development  areas of focus. In China's "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the smart grid is one of the key development. "Twelfth  Five-Year Plan" proposed to build a highly intelligent transmission and  distribution network, the construction of 110,000 volts and above  intelligent substation 6100, the new electric vehicle charging station  for more than 2900 and charging pile 540,000, the installation of smart  meters 2.3 Billion. In the "13th  Five-Year" period, smart grid investment will remain at a high level,  the state planning around 2020, a large area of new and improved smart  grid. Such a large smart grid market, will promote the rapid growth of smart meters for its development to provide a huge space.