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Electromagnetic Flowmeter In The Instrumentation Of The Role Of Intelligent Factories Is Essential

Jan 01, 2017

Intelligent factory technology in the rapid replacement. So that electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturing process has the ability to judge, instruments, meters, sensors and other control system is the basic component of the focus of attention. At present, the intelligentization of electromagnetic flowmeter instrument is mainly based on the development and application of microprocessors and artificial intelligence technology, including the use of artificial intelligence, expert system, genetic algorithm, evolutionary computing technology, instrumentation to achieve efficient, multi Function, flexibility and other properties. In addition, with the plant manufacturing process connected to more and more embedded devices, the deployment of control systems through the cloud architecture, is undoubtedly one of the most important trends today. In the field of industrial automation, as applications and services to the cloud computing transfer, data and computing location of the main model has been changed, which also brought to the field of embedded devices change. The future, cloud computing will be able to provide complete systems and services, production equipment will no longer be a single and independent individuals. Once the wiring is complete, all manufacturing rules may change. In addition, industrial communication wireless is the current intelligent plant to explore a more enthusiastic problem. Expert analysis, the global factory automation of wireless communication system applications, will increase by about 40% .With the growing popularity of wireless technology, various vendors are providing a range of hardware and software technology to help increase communication products in the product. Experts believe that the electromagnetic flowmeter wireless technology, although in the implementation of convenience, compared to cable technology has considerable advantages, but the wireless technology is currently perfect, reliability, certainty and immediacy, compatibility and other needs to be strengthened and improved.