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Flow Meter Vortex Flowmeters

Oct 10, 2016

Vortex flowmeter is produced on the basis of Karman vortex theory, which is mainly applied  for industrial pipeline medium fluid flow measurement, such as liquid, gas, steam and other media.


With piezoelectric stress sensors, Vortex flow meter is highly reliable. The vortex flowmeter can work within the working temperature ranges -20 to +250 . There are standard analog signal & digital pulse signal output of vortex flow meter. Thus the vortex flow meter is easy to combine with computer and other digital systems to supporting the use. Vortex flow meter is a more advanced and an ideal measurement instrument.


Temperature compensation type vortex flowmeter is with temperature sensor, which can directly measure the temperature of saturated steam and calculate pressure, and this shows the quality flow of the saturated steam.


Temperature and pressure compensation type vortex flow meter is with temperature & pressure sensors for gas flow measurement. This vortex flow meter can directly measure the temperature and pressure of the gas medium. Therefore, the flow meter shows the volume flow of the gas under the standard conditions.


Main feature

1) Small pressure loss, low operation cost, energy saving.

2) Wide measurement range. The range ratio is up to 1:10

3) High precision. The output is proportional to the flow of the pulse signal, no zero drift.

4) When measuring condition of volume flow, vortex flowmeter is almost not affected by the parameters of fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity, etc..

5) No moving mechanical parts. The vortex flowmeter has high reliability, yet small amount of maintenance.

6) The sensor does not directly contact with the tested medium. Vortex flow meter is with stable performance and long service life.

7) The instrument parameters can be stable for a long time.

8) Low power consumption, simple structure and durable

9) Stable performance, easy to install and debug

10) Wide application: the flow of steam, gas and liquid can all be measured by vortex flow meter