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Flow Switch Types

Feb 12, 2019

Flow Switch Types

The flow switch used to check the water flow in the water system in the medium, water, oil and oil pipelines. The flow switch is an important part of flow measurement .

When the water flow rate higher or lower than a certain set point, the output alarm signal will trans to the unit. So that the system can get the corresponding sign action after acquiring the signal. Avoid or reduce the host "dry burning". There are many types of flow switches, and the following types are common:

Flow Switch

1, With baffle type (display flow)

2, Float type

3, Metal rotor type (display flow)

4, Viscosity compensation

5, Rotary vane type (can display flow)

6, Thermal flow switch (display flow)

7, Can also use the plug-in electromagnetic flow meter type.

So how to choose the flow switch?

Besides, selecting the appropriate flow switch. According to the function of its own needs, it should also be selected according to factors such as:

fluid operating conditions, installation requirements, environmental conditions, and economics.

1 The installation environment. The on-site installation environment refers to measuring the diameter of the pipe,

the length of the straight pipe section,

whether the pipe is vibrating,

whether there are strong magnetic field interference and high-temperature radiant heat.

2 Security. Prevent accidents. For example, when measuring corrosive media, select the appropriate lining material,

according to the corrosive strength. The environment of flammable gas should use the explosion-proof instrument.

3 Energy saving.

The pressure loss before and after the fluid passes through the flow meter,

the smaller the pressure loss value, the better the energy saving. Non-contact type such as ultrasonic flow meter,

electromagnetic flowmeter, and elbow flowmeter have no pressure loss.

4 Fluid characteristics. Fluid properties refer to a fluid composition, temperature, pressure, viscosity, and the like. According to the actual situation, confirm the selection range,

the components (liquid, gas, steam, dirty dirt) are distinguished. The differential pressure flowmeter and the vortex flowmeter adapt to the above fluids.

5 Accuracy and the economy.


with stable performance, good repeatability, long service life, and wide range-to-range ratio,

The flow meter is beneficial to increase the measurement parameter change,

of the process equipment in the later stage.

Thereby reducing investment.