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Gas Flow Meter

May 08, 2017

Gas flow meter
      Error 1: high pressure low pressure regardless

There is also the second effect that the surveyor will use the high pressure metering low pressure gas. Is  to install the metering room to the high-pressure pipe, and then  through the regulator regulator, with gas in the low-pressure pipeline  with gas, when the low-pressure pipeline gas consumption is not used,  according to the gas state equation, the temperature difference ,  The low flow of low-pressure pipeline back to the high-pressure  pipeline flow will be smaller, and even this flow can not reach the flow  rate of the flow meter. The flowmeter does not count. So it will cause a larger measurement error.

Error 2: Improper installation

The  correct installation of the gas flow meter helps to improve the  metering accuracy of the flowmeter and to extend the service life. When  installing the flowmeter on the pipe, make sure that the screw hole on  the flowmeter surface is aligned with the screw hole of the pipe flange  to ensure the parallelism of the flange and avoid the other external  force of the flowmeter to prevent deformation of the surface Flow meter stuck. Open the flow meter, you should first open the front valve, and then  slowly open the valve, so that the gas flow meter pressure to start, to  avoid the air hammer effect, the gas flow meter rotor impact  deformation, resulting in flow meter stuck.