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Gas Flow Meter Is Good Or Bad

May 05, 2017

Gas flow meter is good or bad
Article link: China Instrument Network http://www.ybzhan.cn/Tech_news/Detail/241496.html
Pipeline design is unreasonable

Well  known gas flowmeter is a commonly used gas measuring instrument, mainly  for gas, air, nitrogen, acetylene, phosgene, hydrogen, natural gas,  nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas and other measurements. The common cause of the inaccurate results is that unreasonable piping design can cause large measurement errors. Two parallel pipes, when the head network with gas, the sub-pipe manual valve closed.

Gas  flow meter measurement is normal, when the pipe network is also used  when the gas, the manual valve to open, because the main channel gas  from the sub-part of the pipeline will make the main pipe pressure drop,  making the flow meter before the table pressure is less than the  pressure, Flowmeter reversal, the flowmeter also accumulates the flow, resulting in double measurement. To avoid this, a check valve must be installed in front of meter # 1.636295712583644812592.jpg