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Gas Turbine Flowmeter Maintenance

Jul 19, 2017

To ensure long-term normal operation of the gas turbine flowmeter, you  must always check the flow of the operating conditions, make  maintenance work, found that the problem in time to rule out.

1, turbine flowmeter put into operation before the first set of meter  factors, carefully check to determine the flow meter wiring is correct,  good grounding before power transmission.

2, regular flow meter cleaning, inspection and re-school. A flowmeter with a lubricating oil or cleaning solution inlet shall be  periodically filled with lubricating oil or cleaning fluid as required  by the instructions to maintain the good operation of the impeller.

3, monitor the display instrument status, evaluation display instrument readings, there are abnormalities to check in time.

4, keep the filter open. The filter is blocked by impurities, from the entrance, the pressure  gauge at the exit of the increase in the reading to determine the  occurrence of blockage in a timely manner, otherwise, will seriously  reduce the flow.

5, for large flow of trade settlement measurement, in order to ensure the accuracy of flow meters, flowmeter must always check. The site should be equipped with on-line calibration equipment, or  equipped with a mobile calibration device, although a one-time  investment is large, but long-term economic benefits is worth  considering.