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Hot Wire! Large-scale Scientific Research Instruments Of Another Unit Will Soon Be Open And Shared

Feb 28, 2019

  The Interim Measures for the Open and Shared Management of Major Transportation Research Infrastructure and Large-scale Scientific Research Instruments(hereinafter referred to as the"Measures")were issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Transport and Communications a few days ago,and implemented on March 1,2019 with a validity period of five years.

  The Measures specify the main measures to promote the open and sharing of scientific research facilities and instruments.First,the carrier of open sharing is the open sharing platform for scientific research facilities and instruments built by the Ministry.The second is to put forward requirements for the intensive management of scientific research facilities and instruments and information submission.Thirdly,it stipulates the ways of opening and sharing services,contract agreements,fees and other matters of management units.Fourth,we should clarify the requirements of network security and intellectual property protection in open sharing.

  The term"major scientific research infrastructure and large scientific research instruments and equipment for transportation"as mentioned in these Measures refers to all kinds of major scientific research infrastructure and a set of scientific instruments and equipment with a value of 500,000 yuan or more,which are invested and purchased by the government budget for scientific research and technological development activities in the field of transportation.

  Large-scale scientific instruments are the technical basis and important means to carry out scientific research and solve major scientific and technological problems in economic and social development.In recent years,the scale of scientific research facilities and instruments in China has continued to grow,the coverage area has been expanding,the technology level has been significantly improved,and the comprehensive benefits have become increasingly apparent.

  However,the problem of low utilization rate and sharing level of scientific research facilities and instruments is gradually highlighted.Some scientific research facilities and instruments are redundantly constructed and purchased.There is a tendency of sectoralization,unit and individualization.The phenomenon of idle waste is serious.The professional service ability needs to be improved.The service and support role of scientific research facilities and instruments for scientific and technological innovation has not been fully played.

  In order to speed up the opening of scientific research facilities and instruments to the society and further improve the utilization efficiency of scientific and technological resources,at the end of 2014,the State Council issued the Opinions on the Opening of National Major Scientific Research Infrastructure and Large Scientific Research Instruments to the Society.The Central Reform Office has paid continuous attention to the progress of this work.

  In terms of instruments and equipment involved in scientific research,the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the opening and sharing of large-scale scientific research infrastructure and instruments.The leaders of the State pointed out that the major national scientific research infrastructure and large-scale scientific research instruments formed by public financial investment should be opened to the society so that they can better serve scientific and technological innovation and society.

  In recent years,the Ministry of Science and Technology has carried out a lot of work in promoting the open and sharing of scientific research facilities and instruments.It has strengthened the overall coordination between departments and local governments,formulated a series of policy documents,established a unified national network management platform for scientific research facilities and instruments.Especially in 2018,it has also evaluated the open and sharing situation of central scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning,and evaluated the excellent and excellent ones.Good units grant incentive post-subsidy and punish units with poor results.In addition,all localities are strengthening guidance through innovative vouchers and other means,and now as a whole,a good atmosphere of open sharing of large-scale scientific instruments is taking shape.