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How Do They Stand Up To The Monopoly Of International Giants?

Mar 18, 2019

  Academician Wang Daheng,a famous scientist in China,once pointed out that instruments are tools for understanding the world,machines are tools for transforming the world,and transforming the world often begins with understanding the world.Scientific instruments expand the ability of human beings to understand the world.They are called"leaders"and"cornerstones"of national innovation-driven development.They are"multipliers"and"boosters"of economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading.They are also an effective"political chips"in the game of big powers.

  Over the years,with the efforts of scientific researchers and the support of national policies,China has successfully developed a number of high-end scientific research instruments,which has played an important role in the progress of national scientific research.However,due to various reasons,China's scientific instrument industry has been in a backward and Catching-up state,and the situation that high-end scientific instruments mainly rely on imports remains unchanged.

  In order to make up for the shortcomings and shortcomings of China's high-end scientific research instruments as soon as possible and break the long-term dependence on imports,experts and commissioners are calling for the rise of domestic high-end instruments.Now let's listen to these good"voices"together.

  "Although it is not necessary for every product and technology to be developed by itself,it is necessary for us to master the ability to develop important instruments and equipment and key technologies.It is suggested that the research projects funded by the state financial funds should be used to examine whether the same kind of instruments can meet the needs of scientific research in China when applying for the purchase of imported instruments.On the premise of not affecting the progress of scientific research projects,it is required to give priority to purchasing domestic self-developed instruments for scientific research,so as to provide living space and opportunities for innovation and development for domestic self-developed instruments.

——Cui Xiangqun,member of the CPPCC National Committee and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

  "High-end scientific instruments need great investment in research and development in order to participate in international competition and show results.On the one hand,only by increasing the investment in the research and development of scientific instruments in universities and scientific research institutes can the state train a group of researchers who can really do the research and development of scientific instruments to support the development of this field.Innovation and entrepreneurship will arise.Only with people can it be possible to make high-end instruments that can compete with foreign countries.On the other hand,the state will also introduce policies to encourage high-end scientific instrument research and development companies.Development".

——Yang Xueming,deputy to the National People's Congress and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

  "Importantly,some tax incentives should be given to domestic manufacturers of scientific research instruments.Let him sell the equipment,make money,and iterate through user feedback to form such a positive cycle.

——Wang Chunru,member of the CPPCC National Committee

  "We should carry out an anti-monopoly investigation on some instrument suppliers who have bad influence in the research instrument industry and are suspected of abusing their dominant position in the market.We will improve relevant laws and regulations and strengthen anti-monopoly and purchaser protection legislation in the field of scientific research instruments.

  "It is very important to establish an open market system for the maintenance of scientific research instruments and equipment,allowing and encouraging third-party enterprises to enter the maintenance market.Instrument suppliers should disclose maintenance information to third parties and open the sale of spare parts;suppliers should be prohibited from setting exclusive clauses in supply contracts or maintenance contracts.

  "It is suggested that a special price consultation group be formed by the main purchasers in the same field for the narrow and highly specialized commodity of scientific instruments.Such a group can negotiate with suppliers with market dominance in accordance with the principle of fairness and reasonableness to determine reasonable maintenance price standards.

——Lan Minbo,Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Professor of East China University of Technology

  "The state should further increase investment in the development of scientific research instruments and pay more attention to the design of scientific research instruments.The National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Program invested 6.7 billion yuan during the 12th Five-Year Plan period,but the investment during the 13th Five-Year Plan period dropped to one-third of its original level.It is hoped that the 14th Five-Year Plan will maintain at least the level of the 12th Five-Year Plan.

  "With the instruments,we still have to use them.It is suggested that the relevant departments may formulate corresponding policies to stipulate that domestic scientific research instruments should be given priority in government procurement.In order to encourage domestic manufacturers of scientific research instruments,tax cuts can also be implemented to enable them to invest more money in R&D.

  "In order to rise up domestic scientific research instruments,we should first change the evaluation system.Don't think that people who engage in instruments are inferior to others.We should put the problem solving in the first place and attract more people to enter the field of scientific research instruments.

——Guan Yafeng,Director of Analytical Instruments Branch of China Instruments and Instruments Society and Researcher of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences

  "It is suggested that the government procurement policy of domestic instruments be further implemented in detail,and that specific implementation rules be formulated for the tax-free policy research of imported instruments.Meanwhile,the tax rebate policy should be implemented for instrument enterprises and the returned funds should be used for technological research and development."

——Yi Tong,deputy to the National People's Congress and deputy director of Beijing Science Research Center

  Sentence by sentence has pointed out the direction and way for the development of domestic instruments.With the continuous attention paid by the state to the development of domestic scientific instruments and the increasing investment in scientific research of major instruments,the development and application of domestic high-end instruments will become wider and wider.Domestic scientific instruments will certainly stand out in the"encirclement,pursuit and interception"of foreign giants.