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How To Avoid The Failure Of The Sewage Flow Meter When It Is Used

Jan 03, 2019

How to avoid the failure of the sewage flow meter when it is used

When the sewage flow meter was just developed, 80% of people did not understand what the product was for, let alone how to care for it. In fact, this kind of precision sewage flowmeter must pay attention to daily maintenance when it is used. Otherwise, there is a great possibility that the instrument will have large deviation in the future use. Such data is measured, and it is not. Can be used. However, the sewage flow meter has been well applied in many enterprises and institutions. The feedback from everyone is very good. The units in many places are using this sewage flow meter. It is precisely because of this that the sewage flow meter is caused. The sales volume has risen rapidly.

How to avoid the failure of the sewage flow meter when it is used

Flowmeters are no longer strange to people nowadays. After all, different flowmeters are used in many fields. Our Huaheng factory sewage flowmeter is a high-precision flowmeter, which is caused by improper use. There are many behaviors in which the final measurement data is inaccurate. This kind of deviation can be controlled under certain circumstances, but as long as there is such a deviation, it is definitely a mistake in a certain part of the measurement process, but as long as these things can be seriously solved, then sure There will be nothing wrong with it.

Characteristics of sewage flow meter:

    1. The structure of the instrument is relatively simple and reliable at the same time. In many cases, the components on the instrument are basically non-movable. And the life of this instrument is much longer than other precision instruments, which also ensures that the new type of equipment needs to be replaced after the instrument is stopped.

    2. Some instruments cause inaccuracies in the final data because of pressure from various aspects, but the sewage flow meter will not be affected by this, and during the use, the pressure value will not work for a certain period of time. loss.

    3. The most important thing about the instrument is the stability of the instrument. It can be said that the stability of the sewage flow meter is very good, and there will be no erroneous data due to some influence.

    4. This instrument can still be automatically tested, and its adjustment and program control system can be automated, and the data is also very fast when measuring.

    After knowing these properties, I believe that more people will have a full understanding of this sewage flow meter. In fact, the real maintenance is very simple, just need to pay attention to it during use.

How to avoid the failure of the sewage flow meter when it is used

How to avoid failures when using:

    The fault is mainly caused by improper use before installation or during use, but it can be repaired as long as it can be handled seriously.

   In many cases, it may not work properly due to improper use or because the sewage flow meter is disturbed by some outsiders during use. However, what kind of interference or what kind of cause will cause the sewage flow meter to appear. What about this kind of failure? It is not terrible to have a fault, as long as it can be solved, there are several situations in which the fault occurs.

    In the installation, if you do not pay attention, it is easy to have problems. In many cases, because of the large deviation in the installation of the sensor during the installation process, even the installation error will cause the failure. If the sewage flowmeter is installed in a place with current interference or a relatively strong spatial magnetic field, the external magnetic force will have a certain influence on the sensor, and these electromagnetic effects will definitely cause the sewage flow meter to be measured. To a satisfactory result.

    During the measurement process, the measured liquid bubble changes, which also makes the measurement result change, and finally an accurate data will not be obtained. The flow meter can be used better as long as it can be protected from outside interference during work.

    This type of flowmeter can only really understand the benefits of this flowmeter when it is used in comparison with other flowmeters. The material can also be made of different materials, which is impossible for many flowmeters.