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How To Choose Flowmeter

Jan 02, 2017

Flowmeter  is now an indispensable industrial measuring instruments, flowmeter  selection as manufacturers and customers need to pay attention to the  problem, the flow meter on the election, and more with less. The following by the Huaheng instrument to introduce you to flowmeter selection need to focus on what aspects:
The general principles of flowmeter selection: flowmeter performance  requirements, fluid characteristics, installation requirements,  environmental conditions, flow meter prices so several aspects to  consider.
Fluid properties, that is to say the flow meter to measure the  physical properties of the fluid, this aspect is the need to provide,  this paper mainly talk about the flowmeter fluid parameters: medium  corrosive medium temperature, medium viscosity, pulsation;
1. Medium Corrosion: According to whether the corrosive fluid, should pay attention to select the material flow meter.
2. Medium temperature: As the volume of fluid are generally change  with the temperature changes, so the need for high-precision measurement  must use temperature compensation device.
3. Medium viscosity: a variety of flowmeters are affected to varying  degrees by the viscosity of the high viscosity fluid to pay special  attention.
4. Pulsation: As the volume flowmeter is generally vulnerable to the  impact of pulsation, so in the pipeline to consider reducing the pulse.
5. Foreign matter mixed with: filter with a foreign body can be  removed, but if there is inevitably mixed with foreign matter, the use  of volume flowmeter should pay special attention.
As far as possible to provide accurate fluid properties, installation  environment, installation requirements, flow meter manufacturers to  provide customers with the most appropriate flow meter