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How To Verify The Performance Of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Jan 18, 2017

Most  of the identification tests of an electromagnetic flowmeter are carried  out with the flow of liquid through a flowmeter and a calibration gauge  or reference flowmeter. Should  pay attention to ensure that the liquid in the test pipe evenly stable  activities, not because of the disturbance caused by part of the rapid  shaking of the impact of speed. This perturbation often occurs within the Reynolds number range unique to industrial process activity conditions. There are several electromagnetic flowmeter performance appraisal methods:

1. There is a need to maintain the closest link between the identification collective and the manufacturer. In the decision-making process of the experiment should pay attention  to the production plant on the appearance of the skills that, and seek  to make the production of experimental procedures and experimental  results.

2.  Reference flowmeter or calibration specifications The equipment should  be of suitable size and can contain the flow scale of the flow meter  under test. If the flowmeter needs to be installed in a test fixture, then these  requirements should be clarified: the reference system should be at  least twice as accurate as the device's accuracy rating.

3. During the experimental period, any change in the flowmeter  flowmeter should be documented and the effect of these adjustments on  the reference energy under the reference conditions should be specified  and expressed as a percentage of the output range.

4. In the upstream straight pipe population, the flow should be axisymmetric, and there is no significant pulsation and vortex.

It  should be recognized that there are many types of reference  specifications for flow measurement, those that are measured directly in  basic units such as mass, length and time, and are often referred to as  master references. Other devices that have been calibrated via the soil reference contain some flow meters.