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ID Card, The Measurement Instrument Will Implement A Unique Identification Code

Dec 12, 2018

"ID card", the measurement instrument will implement a unique identification code

A measuring instrument is like a ruler, which measures the scale of everything in the world.From pressure gauges, thermometers and ammeters used in our family to some precision measuring and analyzing instruments, they are all measuring instruments.

ID card, the measurement instrument will implement a unique identification code

As an important part of the manufacturing industry, measuring instruments have been developing continuously.For example, from the past mechanical water and electricity meters to the present intelligent water and electricity meters, have demonstrated the development of instrumentation forward.Now, with the continuous development of Internet of things, big data technology and other new technologies, the instrumentation industry will usher in further changes.


On the BBS of China's Internet of things measurement innovation and development held on November 25, jing shudian, vice President of shandong institute of metrology and testing, combined "measurement" with the Internet of things for the first time and proposed a unique code scheme for measuring instruments.


In the past, a metering instrument produced multiple code Numbers.Manufacturing enterprises in the factory of measuring instruments and meters will compile a factory number;To the use of the unit, for the convenience of management, the use of the unit will give the measuring instrument a device number;When a third party verification agency comes, the verification agency will issue another verification certificate with an additional number to the measuring instrument.Production, circulation, verification and maintenance are all independent and managed by themselves. Information is difficult to get through and cannot meet the needs of the development of the Internet of things.


In the face of the development trend of "intelligence" and big data, the need to implement the unique identification code of measuring instruments and meters through the identification code management platform of measuring instruments becomes stronger.Measuring instrument identification code management platform is a simple two-dimensional code and electronic label as the carrier of the platform, can give the only "id card" for measuring instruments and meters, establish a set of measuring instruments production, use, verification and supervision units information connectivity and data sharing service system, break down the information barriers.


For the production enterprises, the realization of the unique identification code is conducive to the information sharing and traceability of the whole life cycle of measuring instruments and meters in the production, use, verification, maintenance, scrap, etc., so as to effectively manage, analyze the energy efficiency of product production and better find problems.


On BBS, Jing shudian, a researcher, mentioned that the staff analyzed the energy efficiency of a power plant through the platform of measuring instrument identification code management and energy control center, and found that the power plant was 10 degrees Celsius lower than the normal operating temperature of the thermocouple, which resulted in slower power generation efficiency.After finding out the problem, the power plant has effectively carried out energy efficiency control, increasing annual revenue by more than 5 million yuan.


On the other hand, while accurately measuring and ensuring the safe operation of equipment, measuring instruments and meters also need to monitor and analyze the energy balance of measuring instruments and meters themselves, so as to continuously optimize control and management.


Through the implementation of unique identification code, users can have more understanding of the status of measuring instruments, management and maintenance will become more convenient.When there are problems, users can directly check the source of instruments and meters through the "id card" of measuring instruments and meters, and find the first responsible person, which increases the safety of measuring instruments and makes manufacturers pay more attention to their production quality.


ID card, the measurement instrument will implement a unique identification code

In addition to providing great convenience for the supply and demand subjects, the uniform code can also improve the production efficiency of instruments in circulation and reduce the cost.This is also in line with the development trend of the Internet of things, so as to monitor each measuring instrument and promote the construction of a smart city.

It is understood that the identification code for measuring instruments, which stipulates the unique identification code for instruments and meters, has been approved and will be formally implemented in January 2019.In addition, the platform of measuring instrument identification and coding management and energy control center has landed thousands of enterprises in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, making important contributions to energy management, energy saving trading, carbon trading and big data construction, and providing valuable experience for the later work.


However, it should be noted that in the face of a large number of instruments and meters in China at present, the unified identification code still needs a long time to be fully implemented. In addition, how to safely and effectively realize the information sharing in the circulation process of measuring instruments and meters is also a very worthy of attention.


Technology is changing fast.With the development of wireless technology, wireless remote transmission of water meters and intelligent meter reading of electricity meters have become a reality. Now, with the development of intelligence and big data, the measurement instrument industry is likely to usher in another important change.For metering instrument enterprises, they should not be complacent, but keep up with the historical trend and constantly innovate.