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Impact Factor On Vortex Flowmeter:

Feb 25, 2017

1, the effect of  fluid temperature on the flow coefficient of the vortex flowmeter, the  change of the density of the fluid after the change of the fluid  temperature, thus bringing the error to the mass flow measurement of the  differential pressure type flowmeter and the speed flowmeter. Density compensation to solve. In  addition, the fluid temperature changes also cause the flowmeter to  measure part of the geometric changes, and thus cause errors.
2,  the flow coefficient is affected by the fluid temperature has two  parts: the body caused by changes in the width of the pipeline caused by  changes in diameter. Why do you say that? In  addition, the flow rate is inversely proportional to the diameter of  the pipe, and when the fluid temperature rises, the volume increases and  the frequency is inversely proportional to the frequency. ,  The pipe diameter increases, the body on both sides of the flow  cross-sectional area increases, the corresponding decrease in flow  coefficient, flow indication is low.