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[Industry News] These High-demand Sensors Account For More Than Half Of The Global Market!

Mar 15, 2019


  In the global sensor market,flow sensors,pressure sensors and temperature sensors account for a large proportion.Among them,the flow sensor accounts for about 21%,the pressure sensor accounts for 19%,and the temperature sensor accounts for more than 10%.However,displacement sensors,speed sensors,power sensors,optical fiber sensors and emerging sensors account for nearly half of the total.

  Flow sensor is one of the most important devices of flow meter,which is used to monitor the flow rate.According to the structure type,the flow sensor can be divided into blade(wing)type,measuring core type,hot wire type,hot film type,Carmen scroll type and so on.With the development of technology,new flow sensors such as ultrasonic flow sensor,electromagnetic flow sensor and water flow sensor have appeared.

  Flow sensor has excellent low pressure and high pressure metering performance,various signal output modes and low sensitivity to fluid disturbance.It is often used in steel,metallurgy,petrochemical,coal,paper making,food,municipal engineering,energy and water resources management,sewage discharge and other fields.

  Because of its wide application and large demand,the global flow sensor market has maintained rapid growth.Based on 21%of the total market share of flow sensors,the global flow sensor market is estimated to be 41.055 billion US dollars in 2017,and is expected to grow to 43.239 billion US dollars in 2018.

  Pressure sensor is a device or device that can sense pressure signal and convert pressure signal into available output electric signal according to certain rules.It is also the most commonly used sensor in the world.It is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments,including water conservancy and hydropower,railway transportation,intelligent building,production automatic control,aerospace,military,petrochemical,oil well,electric power,etc.Ships,machine tools,pipelines and many other fields.

  Therefore,the global pressure sensor scale is also large.In 2017,the global pressure sensor market will be about 37.145 billion US dollars,up 10.37%year-on-year;in 2018,the global pressure sensor market is expected to reach 39.121 billion US dollars.

  Temperature sensor is a kind of sensor that can sense temperature and convert it into available output signal.It can be divided into contact type and non-contact type according to the measurement method.According to the characteristics of sensor materials and electronic components,it can be divided into two categories:thermal resistance and thermocouple.As an important kind of sensors,temperature sensors are also expanding their application fields.Medical electronic devices,communication products,automotive electronic components and so on are all new applications.

  Promoted by new applications,the global temperature sensor market has maintained an annual growth trend.In addition to the double effects of the severe contraction of the OEM market and the slowdown of investment in the project market in 2012,the global temperature sensor market has grown only 4%year-on-year,and has maintained rapid growth in other years,reaching$27.377 billion in 2017.

  The future will cater to the needs of Industrial Development

  With the development of information technology,optimal control of production process,image recognition,man-machine interaction,intelligent and unmanned control are important signs of this trend.The development of automation technology and information technology requires that sensor technology must develop synchronously,that is,sensors will evolve along the above trend.

  In addition,in industrial process control,computer technology is relatively mature,and the amount of information needed to be collected is increasing.In production process,more kinds of sensors,such as pressure sensitive,thermal sensitive,photosensitive,gas sensitive,humidity sensitive,magnetic sensitive and photoelectric converters,are required to convert a large number of physical and chemical parameters of non-electric quantities into control information to meet the automation of various industries and industrial processes.The demand of rapid development of the degree of intellectualization and intellectualization.Among all kinds of industrial process control,more powerful chemical sensors(including pressure,displacement,angular velocity sensors,etc.),temperature sensors,gas sensors and humidity sensors are expected to develop rapidly in the future.