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Installation Of Turbo Flowmeter

Jun 10, 2017

Installation of turbo flowmeter

In  order to give full play to the characteristics of the turbine  flowmeter, the flowmeter installation must also be used to pay full  attention. The following is an overview of this issue.

(1) measured medium

Turbine  flowmeter measured liquid, generally low viscosity (generally should be  less than 15 × l0-6m2 / s), low corrosive liquid. Although  there are already used for a variety of media measurement of the  turbine flowmeter, but the high temperature, high viscosity, strong  corrosive media measurement still need to carefully consider, take  appropriate measures. When the medium viscosity v is greater than 15 × l0-6m2 / s, the flow  meter meter coefficient must be real liquid calibration, otherwise it  will produce a larger error.

Vapor-liquid two-phase flow, gas-solid two-phase flow,  concentrated-solid two-phase flow can not be measured with a turbine  flowmeter.

(2) Installation piping requirements

The installation of the flowmeter has a great influence on the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter.

The  uneven distribution of flow velocity and the presence of secondary flow  in the tube are important factors influencing the measurement accuracy  of turbine flowmeter. Therefore, the turbine flowmeter on the upper and lower straight pipe section has - set requirements. For industrial measurement, the general requirements of the upstream 10D, downstream 5D straight pipe length. To eliminate the secondary flow, it is best to install the rectifier at the upstream end. If the upstream side can ensure that there are about 10D straight  pipe, and install the rectifier, the flowmeter measurement accuracy can  be achieved when the accuracy of calibration level.

②  Turbine flowmeter on the cleanliness of the fluid have higher  requirements, in the flowmeter must be installed before the filter to  ensure that the fluid clean. Filter can be used funnel type, its own cleanliness, can be measured at both ends of the differential pressure change.

③  To ensure that the liquid through the flow meter is a single phase,  that is, can not let air or steam into the flow meter, upstream of the  flowmeter should be installed when the gasifier. For easy to vaporize the liquid, downstream of the flowmeter must ensure a certain back pressure. The size of the back pressure is at least twice the pressure drop of  the flow sensor at the maximum flow rate plus 1.2 times the maximum  vapor pressure at the highest temperature.