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Installation And Use Of Single Flange Liquid Level Transmitter

Dec 05, 2018

Installation and use of single flange liquid level transmitter

Single flange level transmitter is made up of measuring diaphragm and on both sides of the insulation slices on the electrodes of a capacitor, and material contact part has good corrosion resistance, applicable to the metallurgical, chemical, environmental protection, power, papermaking, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, food, municipal and other industry level, material level, the oil-water interface, continuous monitoring of the bubble interface.

Installation and use of single flange liquid level transmitter


Single-flange liquid level transmitter in the use of the process should pay attention to consider the following:

1. When measuring liquid pressure, flange liquid level transmitter should be installed in a position to avoid liquid impact (that is, water hammer phenomenon), so as to avoid over-pressure damage of the sensor.

2. When the single-flange liquid level transmitter freezes in winter, it is necessary to take anti-freezing measures according to the outdoor transmitter, so as to avoid the liquid inside the pressure outlet from freezing volume expansion and leading to sensor damage.

3, when wiring, the cable through the waterproof joint (accessories) or around the pipe and tighten the sealing nut, to prevent rain water and other leakage into the transmitter shell through the cable.

4. When measuring the liquid pressure of the single-flange liquid level transmitter, the pressure outlet should be opened at the side of the flow pipe to avoid sediment accumulation.

5, to prevent the flange fluid transmitter and corrosive or overheating media contact, but also to prevent the dreg deposition in the pipe;

Installation and use of single flange liquid level transmitter

6. When measuring the pressure of gas, the pressure outlet shall be opened at the top of the flow pipe, and the flanged liquid level transmitter shall be installed at the top of the flow pipe so that the deposited liquid can be quickly injected into the flow pipe.

7. Single-flange liquid level transmitter should pay attention to the pressure guide pipe of the sensor should be installed in the place with small temperature fluctuation;

8.single flange liquid level transmitter measurement steam or other high temperature media, need to be connected with buffer pipe (coil) and other condensers, should not make the transmitter working temperature beyond the limit.

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