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Intelligent Patrol Robot-the Successor Of Traditional Substation Patrol Mode

Mar 19, 2019

  Since the Twelfth Five-Year Plan,China's smart grid has developed rapidly.It has become an important part of China's smart grid development to realize on-line monitoring of power equipment operation status and external environment,and to improve early warning ability and information level.

  Traditional electric power operation and maintenance and management mode can not meet the rapid development of smart grid.Integrating robot technology with electric power technology and realizing comprehensive unmanned operation and maintenance detection through electric power patrol robot for transmission link,substation link and distribution link has become the development trend of smart grid in China.

  In Sangong Substation of Urumqi Power Supply Company,intelligent inspection robot shuttles in 220 KV substation,takes photos of all electric equipment with high-definition camera,and detects the temperature,oil level and operation of all equipment at the same time,which improves the precision of inspection and effectively eliminates faults.

  Substation patrol work has the characteristics of"complex,complex and difficult".The traditional manual patrol mode has some shortcomings,such as high labor intensity,low work efficiency,scattered detection quality and single means.The manual data can not be accurately and timely accessed to the management information system.With the popularization of unattended mode,the patrol workload is increasing,and the patrol arrival rate and timeliness can not be guaranteed.In severe weather such as gale,fog,snow,hail and thunderstorm,patrol inspection can not be carried out in time.Therefore,the traditional substation inspection mode urgently needs a new"successor".

  Intelligent inspection robot integrates infrared thermal imager,visible camera,high sensitivity pickup and other sensors.It can take pictures or read the instruments of substation equipment,automatically record and alarm the abnormal situation.It can accurately distinguish the abnormal sound of equipment from the murmur,take the whole inspection situation of equipment,and transmit it to the background in real time.

  In 2015,the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration issued Guidelines on Promoting the Development of Smart Grids.In just a few years,Smart Grids have been"blooming everywhere"in China.Among them,intelligent patrol inspection as a key part of smart grid construction,also ushered in the spring of development,rapidly popularized in substations throughout the country.

  In addition,the importance of the application of large data based on panoramic real-time data acquisition,transmission and storage of power grid and rapid analysis and processing of massive multi-source data in the construction of smart grid is becoming more and more obvious,which brings good opportunities for the development of substation equipment inspection robot industry and related industries in China.