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Intelligent Turbine Flowmeter Must Pay Attention To The Use Of Regular Maintenance Of The Main Issues

Jul 05, 2017

1. Intelligent turbine flow sensor maintenance cycle is generally six months. Regularly carry out cleaning, inspection and re-calibration of the flowmeter. A  flowmeter with a lubricating oil or cleaning solution inlet shall be  periodically filled with lubricating oil or cleaning fluid as required  by the instructions to maintain the good operation of the impeller. Care should be taken not to damage the parts of the measuring chamber, especially the impeller. When assembling, please look at the position of the guide and the impeller.

2. Intelligent turbine flow sensor should be cleaned when not in the  internal media after drying and the sensor at both ends with a  protective cover to prevent dust into the  and then placed in a dry  place to save.

3. Intelligent turbine flowmeter put into operation before the first  set of meter factors, carefully check to determine the flow meter wiring  is correct, good grounding before power transmission.

4. The use of the media should be kept clean and free of fibers and particles and other impurities. Keep the filter open. The filter is blocked by impurities, from the entrance, the pressure  gauge at the exit of the increase in the reading to determine the  occurrence of blockage in a timely manner, otherwise, will seriously  reduce the flow.

5. Monitor display instrument status, evaluation display instrument readings, there are abnormalities to check in time.

6. equipped with the filter should be cleaned regularly when not in  use should be the same as the internal sensor with the sensor plus dust  cover placed in a dry place to save.

7. Before the sensor is installed, use the mouth to blow or hand the  impeller to rotate it quickly. Observe whether the sensor is installed  when there is a display. If there is no display, check the relevant  parts for troubleshooting.