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Level Gauge For Thermal Power Plants And Chemical Water Treatment

Mar 28, 2019

Level gauge for thermal power plants and chemical water treatment

Looking at the development history of thermal power plants in various countries in the world,

it is actually the development process of corrosion-resistant liquid level gauges .

In the design process of chemical water treatment facilities in thermal power plants,

the process performance of the level gauge is often the focus of attention,

while the anti-corrosion measures are relatively lacking.

Only when the serious corrosion of the level gauge affects the normal operation of the thermal power plant,

the corresponding emergency measures are considered.

There are many artificial technical difficulties and obstacles,

in the corrosion protection at this time,

and often only play a temporary relief role.

To improve the existing situation, to improve the corrosion-resistant liquid level gauge ,

it is necessary to study the corrosion protection work of the corrosion-resistant level gauge,

to prevent it from happening.

flange connection water level sensor_meitu_5

Analysis of common problems,

in anti-corrosion process of chemical water treatment facilities in thermal power plants.

Common problems in anti-corrosion process of chemical water treatment facilities,

in thermal power plants include corrosion protection of level gauges in channel blocks,

and neutralization tanks,

and liquid level in circulating water plus acid Calculate the problem of corrosion problems.

The corrosion protection problem of the bulk material in the channel,

and the acid-base neutralization tank,

is manifested in the treatment of waste alkali,

and waste acid liquid produced in the production process,

by using the neutralization tank in many current thermal power plants. However, acid-base neutralization is a reaction with non-linear characteristics.

The excess or deficiency of acidity and alkalinity for neutralization,

and uneven stirring will make the pH value of the liquid,

after neutralization fall within the specified range.

After several years of operation in the power plant,

the problem of corrosion damage of the level gauge begins to appear.

This is because after the corrosion protection layer is damaged,

the leakage of the waste liquid often causes internal corrosion;

the level gauge of the circulating water plus acid Corrosion problems are manifested in the general situation,

the concentration ratio of circulating water in thermal power plants is above 2.5,

a common form of treatment with sulfuric acid plus scale inhibitor,

but due to the details of materials,

installation process and maintenance cleaning Problems that arise often cause corrosion problems.

How to deal with the corrosion problem of the level gauge:

The causes of this problem mainly include the problems of materials,

installation process and maintenance and cleaning.

The material problem is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel ,

and lining with PTFE to prevent corrosion.

Installation and maintenance problems,

can develop corrosion-resistant liquid level gauges,

that are simple in structure and easy to operate

In recent years, corrosion-related accidents in chemical water treatment facilities,

of thermal power plants have been commonplace,

and the handling of common problems in corrosion protection processes,

has gradually received attention in the industry.

This requires a thorough understanding,

of the common process problems of corrosion-resistant liquid level gauges,

sums up the most reasonable treatment methods,

and actively responds to ensure the normal operation of thermal power plants,

and promote the rapid development of thermal power plant construction.

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