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Medium Requirements Of Turbine Flowmeter

Dec 06, 2018

Medium requirements of Turbine flowmeter 

Turbine flowmeter with its excellent accuracy, has won the favor of many on-site customers, even as a trade settlement instrument

Medium requirements of Turbine flowmeter

Turbine flowmeters are widely used in petrochemical and urban gas industries due to their high measurement accuracy, inconvenient operation and wide measurement scale.The turbine flowmeter can be used as a test instrument to master the process and a measurement instrument for trade settlement.Therefore, problems such as properties of the medium under test, diameter selection, device conditions, maintenance and calibration will inevitably arise in the practical application. In order to ensure the normal operation of the turbine flowmeter, the following problems should be paid attention to in the application process:

1. Turbine flowmeter has strict requirements for the medium under test

2. Turbine flowmeters are only used to measure single-phase fluids with low viscosity

3, for the viscous type of media can not be selected

4. The medium fluid measured by the turbine flowmeter should be in turbulent state

5. At present, the bearings of most turbine flowmeters are spherical bearings, so there is a high demand for the cleanliness of the tested media.If the medium contains particle impurities, the bearing will wear out rapidly; if it contains fiber impurities, it will be wound on the turbine blade, affecting the normal rotation of the turbine.In practice, effective filters can be installed at the front of turbine flowmeter.

Turbine flowmeter also has some defects, but these problems can be solved in the face of high precision.

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